Like No Other, Session 1(Promised Like No Other): Introduction Option for Boomers

In the 1960’s, the term “credibility gap” became popular in the mainstream media. According to Wikipedia, “it was most frequently used to describe public skepticism about the Lyndon B. Johnson administration’s statements and policies on the Vietnam War.”  When Richard Nixon ran against Johnson, “Close the credibility gap” was one of his campaign slogans. Show this […]

Ready, Session 6 (Ready When Pornography Controls): Live It Out Option and Discussion for Boomers

From Laurie Wang’s article “The Effects of Internet Pornography” (Power to Change Ministries) share several statistics: 66% of Internet-using men between the ages of 18 and 34 look at online porn at least once a month.   70% of 15-to-17-year-olds said that they had accidentally come across pornography online. 51% of pastors admit that looking at Internet […]

Ready, Session 5 (Ready When Homosexuality Devastates): Intro Option and Discussion for Boomers

For some extra resources on homosexuality, download Focus on the Family’s first three guides in a series of Thriving Values™ Click the image above to download for free, or go to:   Discusse how Christians around the country are being challenged — in the marketplace, in the work place and in the courts — for believing […]

Ready, Session 4 (Ready When Sex Destroys): Live It Out Reflection and Discussion for Boomers

lay his song “Give Us Clean Hands” Suggest boomers meditate on what God would have them do regarding purity. If you don’t see the video above, click here to watch on You Tube Singer and songwriter [42-year-old] Chris Tomlin has been named as the most sung artist in the world. The multiple Grammy-winning artist has […]

Ready, Session 3 (Ready When Sickness Comes to Stay): Intro Option and Discussion for Boomers

Share comments from this CNN interview with Jim Bacon, author of Boomergeddon: Much of the lifestyles of boomers put them at serious health risks. “Boomers think of themselves as forever young, but they are aging physiologically faster than their parents’ generation…they’re showing a lot of increases in chronic diseases.” You can read the article, Sex, […]

Ready, Session 2 (Ready to Help the Poor): Intro Option and Discussion for Boomers

InnerCHANGE Guatemala from CRM InnerCHANGE on Vimeo. Tell the story of InnerCHANGE, communities of missionaries living in poor, marginalized neighborhoods around the world. For a firsthand look, show this video (3:40) about the work with shoeshine boys and the women’s jail in Guatemala. If you don’t see the video, click here to watch on Vimeo: Challenge […]

Ready, Session 1 (Ready When Injustice Prevails): Intro Option and Discussion for Boomers

Show “Exodus: Gods and Kings” movie trailer. Click here to watch on YouTube if you don’t see the video. (Note: the movie has had mixed reactions among Christians. James Dobson’s gives a balanced and fair summary/review here.) God’s freeing the children of Israel from Egyptian slavery demonstrates He hates injustice. He is on the side […]

Storm Shelter, Session 5 (The Shelter of God’s Peace): Discussion Option for Boomers/Current Events Connection

To supplement your discussion of the Bible passage, Psalm 46:1-11, ask Boomers in your group to highlight verse 6-9: Nations rage, kingdoms topple; the earth melts when He lifts His voice. 7 The Lord of Hosts is with us; the God of Jacob is our stronghold.Selah 8 Come, see the works of the Lord, who brings devastation […]

Storm Shelter, Session 4 (The Shelter of God’s Encouragement): Introduction Option for Boomers

  To help supplement your discussion of the opening question, “When do you feel like singing the blues?” share a brief summary of this article from Depression and Baby Boomers: How Having It All May Be Too Much Here is a great quote from that article: While baby boomers continue to gain great material rewards […]

Overcome, Session 6 (Overcome an Earthly Mindset): Live it Out Option for Boomers

Choose one of the following videos for the class to watch.     (Lord I Need You Now, Plumb) video with lyric   Lord, I Need You, Matt Maher We have all experienced situations that we would have rather avoided. Failure and disappointments are facts of life. In the midst of one of these […]