Like No Other, Session 7 (Ascended Like No Other): Additional Questions


Session 7 – Ascended Like No Other Icebreakers 1. When a study called, “Aging in Place in America,” asked seniors what they fear most, the top answer was losing their independence. The study showed seniors fear losing independence more than death. [] Why is it so important to people to be self-reliant? When is it […]

From the Editor: 3 Facts about Sex


Originally posted on on October 28, 2014 We live in a society that seems saturated in sex. Movies, books, commercials, songs, YouTube videos and more seem to face us at every turn with sensuality and sexuality. As this is being written, the trailer for a film based on a popular pornographic novel series has […]

Are We Damaging Sunday School by Enlisting Warm Bodies?


The other day, my teenaged son asked me about a DVD he and his girlfriend wanted to rent. The title: Warm Bodies: A Zombie Love Story. Apparently, movies about romances between vampires and humans have run their course, and now we are moving on to romances between the living and the undead. Ah, Hollywood. Or is it, […]

Small Group Monday: 3 Valentine’s Day Icebreakers for Your Small Group


Now that we’ve gotten into February, you’ll begin to see flowers, candy, diamonds, etc. everywhere you look. There’s more focus on “love” during the first two weeks of this month than possibly any other time of the year. The Bible has much to say about love, in fact, it tells us that God is love. […]

3 Tips for Asking the Better Question

Questions and Answers signpost

Editor’s note: This post originally appeared on on January 8, 2015. Check out for the latest resources and events for collegiate and young adult ministry. By Mark Whitt There seems to be a conundrum in the church when it comes to the idea of a question. Questions can be one of two things: 1) […]

Small Group Monday: Four Next Steps for your small group Ministry


In a recent blog post, small group specialist Mark Howell writes: When you are a beginner, you do what beginners can do.  Think about when a newborn turns over for the very first time.  Or takes their first step.  Or puts a phrase together. Clearly, there are things that you do when you are a […]

Connection, Catharsis, Convergence


    This is part 15 of a series of posts from David Francis’ Transformational Class: Transformational Church Goes to Sunday School . Click here for a free download of the book, as well as training materials to help you present the material to your leaders. Transformational Church Goes to Sunday School Missionary Mentality, Part One Missionary Mentality, […]

From the Editor: Being Ready to Help the Poor


This post originally appeared on on October 14, 2014 What thoughts come to mind when you see a person begging on a street? “Get a job”? “I can’t give him money because he’ll only buy alcohol”? “The Bible says if a man does not work, he should not eat”? All of these are common […]

Leader Tuesday: 3 Ways to Bring Diversity into Your Group


Yesterday’s post on noted that even though great progress has been made toward celebrating racial unity and diversity in our culture, churches still tend to be homogeneous communities. How do we pursue unity within diversity? And how can we celebrate diversity while maintaining unity? Click here to read 3 ideas for promoting diversity from […]

From the Editor: Ready to Stand Against Injustice


Originally posted on October 7, 2014 on There is something about the activity of the Holy Spirit in the child of God that causes us to hate injustice. We know when things are not as they should be, when there is an affront to the righteousness of God. We know the poor should be […]