From The Editor: Spectator vs. Ministry: Which Results in Growth?

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What’s the difference between a football player and a football fan? They can both be passionate. They can both wear a jersey. They can both show up at the stadium on Sundays. The difference is that one plays the game, one watches from the sidelines. Put another way, the difference is that one makes a difference. [...]

Spiritual Maturity: A Tale of Two Vertebrates


Recently, I was leading a large group of adults in a study of 1 Corinthians 3, in which Paul bemoans the lack of spiritual maturity in the church. So I asked the group three questions: What are the marks of spiritual maturity? How long does it take?  Do you consider yourself spiritually mature? I wrote [...]

Small Group Monday: 5 Practices of Groups Pastors Who Start Groups


If you haven’t bookmarked it, subscribed, or added it to your blogroll yet, we want to encourage you to make Group Ministry, a new blog by Rick Howerton and Bruce Raley, part of your regular reading list. The goal of the blog is to provide dialogue on best practices for small group ministry, and will [...]

Multiple Schedule Options for Adult Small Groups, and how They Impact Preschool


This is part 7 of a series of posts from David Francis’ Missionary Sunday School. Click here for a free download of the book. This excerpt is adapted from the Appendix, pages 54-56. An effective method for expanding Sunday School in a church that is crunched for space is to start an additional Sunday School session. As a general [...]

From the Editor: Connecting in Unity


Psalm 133:1 says, “How good and pleasant it is when brothers live together in harmony!” Church leaders couldn’t agree more. Unity is good! And this week, Dr. Ronnie Floyd, General Editor of Bible Studies For Life, takes this obvious axiom and unpacks it. Why is unity good? How does unity among believers reflect God’s character? [...]

Small Group Monday: Stop Inviting People to Church


If you are like me, the title of this blog post from Sean Keith, Sunday School/Discipleship Specialist for the Louisiana Baptist Convention, makes you shudder a little bit. But before you start banging out your Tweet of complaint, read the article. Because “Stop inviting people to church” isn’t the complete sentence. Sean (who also references [...]

The Challenges and Solutions to Expanding Adult Small-Group Ministry

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This is part 6 of a series of posts from David Francis’ Missionary Sunday School. Click here for a free download of the book. Chapter 3 of the book is titled “Every Person: The Missionary Principle of the People Group” This excerpt is adapted from the Appendix, pages 51-53. Kids and students will generally go to the room and the teacher they’re [...]

From the Editor: Connecting in Christ


It is a danger in American Christianity when church membership is viewed no differently than membership in a club or organization. You attend, pay your “dues,” carry out some responsibilities, and you’re a member. Many seem to think church membership has its privileges; the right to complain, the right to command, etc. But this is [...]

Leader Tips Tuesday: Staying Connected


By Jeffrey Holder Content Editor, Bible Studies for Life: Senior Adults Have you ever lost a connection with someone? It may be that you simply parted ways years ago after college or following service in the military or your family just moved to a different town. You may have thought I wonder whatever happened to [...]

Connected Promotional Video


Many of you will be beginning Connected: My Life in the Church in your small groups next week. Here are a couple of videos you can share with your group. The first is the promotional video for the study: If you don’t see the video, click here to watch on YouTube. This video is an invitation [...]