Priceless, Session 1 (Adopted Into God’s Family) – All Leader Resources

EXTRA! Ideas for Bible Studies for Life December 6, 2015 PRICELESS: FINDING YOUR VALUE IN GOD SESSION 1: ADOPTED INTO GOD’S FAMILY The Point: We are loved by God, our perfect Father. Leader Extra: Get Into the Study Leader Extra: Live It Out Additional Questions Member Extra Tips for Leading Bible Study Groups Leader Extra: Get Into the Study […]

When Opposition Strikes, Special Session – All Leader Resources

EXTRA! Ideas for Bible Studies for Life DATE: November 29, 2015 SESSION TITLE: When Opposition Strikes The Point: We can boldly face any opposition when God is in charge. Leader Extra: Get Into the Study Leader Extra: Study the Bible Additional Questions Member Extra Tips for Leading Bible Study Groups Leader Extra: Get Into the Study Use this idea to […]

Priceless, Session 5 (Equipped With God’s Gifts): Spiritual Gifts Survey

Follow this link to some tools to help you  understand where you are spiritually and how God has gifted you. Spiritual Gifts Assessment Tools

Distinct, Session 5 (Distinct in My Relationships): Made for Each Other

Made for Each Other Matt and Lauren Chandler proclaim the power of God’s love in their marriage. by Polly House Matt Chandler’s best advice for couples comes straight from one of the Bible’s least-read books: Song of Songs. Godly love and romance are the topics of his new book, The Mingling of Souls: God’s Design […]

Distinct, Session 3 (Distinct in My Approach to Conflict): A Time for God

A Time for God Wise counsel from Ecclesiastes about the “if only” seasons in your life. by Philip Nation “If only…” is how I’ve started so many sentences in my life. After all, I’m human and it is our nature to crave more. We constantly strain for meaning in the everyday grind of life. It […]

Priceless, Session 6 (Used in God’s Service): Church Planting Moms

Church Planting Moms By SUSIE RAIN Training and caregiving provide life-giving hope for churches in Southeast Asia. The young woman gingerly crawls off a motor scooter, grateful for the ride. Last month, Kalliyan Seng* could make the two-mile trek from her home on a bicycle. But now that she’s nine months pregnant, and ready to […]

Priceless, Session 5 (Equipped with God’s Gifts): Not By Sight

Not By Sight Three-time Dove Award winner Ginny Owens learned long ago that seeing has very little to do with your eyes. by Lindsay Williams It was 2006. Singer/songwriter Ginny Owens had just completed her long-term recording contract with Rocketown Records, a well-respected independent record label founded by Michael W. Smith. The company was in […]

Priceless, Session 3 (Saved by God’s Son): The Case for Christmas

The Case for Christmas by LEE STROBEL   EMBARKING ON AN INVESTIGATION As a young­ster, like countless other wide-eyed children, I listened with rapt fascination to the annual Bible story about Christmas. But as I matured, skepticism set in. I concluded that not only is Santa Claus merely a feel-good fable, but that the entire […]

Distinct, Session 6 (Distinct in My Reactions): Not Perfect, Just Forgiven

NOT PERFECT, JUST FORGIVEN Gracia Burnham shares how faith can survive 376 days of captivity in the Philippine jungle. by GRACIA BURNHAM Who would have thought a few short years ago that I would be doing things like writing articles for magazines! I was perfectly content to live in a small barrio in the Philippines with my jungle […]

Distinct, Session 3 (Distinct in My Approach to Conflict): Lifting Dead Weight

Lifting Dead Weight When a hurt is too heavy, God can reshape our souls with grace to forgive like Jesus. by LEE ECLOV THE FIRST TIME I went to a health club, about 40 years ago, I tried one of those weight-lifting machines, all chrome and cables and cast iron. No one told me that […]