The Missionary Principle of the People Group


This is part 4 of a series of posts from David Francis’ Missionary Sunday School. Click here for a free download of the book. Chapter 3 of the book is titled “Every Person: The Missionary Principle of the People Group” This excerpt is adapted from pages 30-33. The missionary Sunday School is satisfied only when everyone within its reach has access to a [...]

Babies Can Learn, Too!

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What does your church do for babies on Sunday morning? Many churches choose to have nursery care for babies, but I believe there is a better option. What about Bible study for Babies? Did you know that Bible Studies For Life: Kids is one of the few curriculum offerings that has curriculum that has been [...]

Ruts We Fall Into, and How to Avoid Them


  Today on the Sunday School Leader blog, Darryl Wilson, Sunday School & Discipleship Consultant for the Kentucky Baptist Convention, expands on the ruts David Francis and Ken Braddy discuss in their book 3 Roles For Guiding Groups (available as a free download). He also gives practical advice for how to get out of the ruts, or [...]

Three “Either-Ors” To Consider in Sunday School


This is part 3 of a series of posts from David Francis’ Missionary Sunday School. Click here for a free download of the book. Chapter 2 of the book is titled “His Story: All the Bible for All of Life.” This excerpt is adapted from pages 26-28.  The First Either-Or: Either a Systematic Plan or “Whatever the Spirit Lays [...]

6 Ways to Win on the School Campus


For student ministries across the country the season is changing. Busy summers are turning into, what I hope, is an even busier fall. Not because of the amount of events or travel time — and not busier just for the sake of busyness. No one wants that. Instead, your fall season should be busier because of [...]

From the Editor: Faith is the Victory


Over the past few weeks, we have considered the role of resilient faith in the believer’s life. We can grow in faith as we follow Christ, and such faith endures suffering. Such faith also sees us through to ultimate victory in Christ. Today on the blog, Bible Studies for Life General Editor Dr. Ronnie Floyd [...]

How can I encourage authentic relationships within my small group?


Young adults can spot a fake from a mile away, and they’re hungry to be in a place where they’re free to be themselves—their broken selves. From day one you need to create an atmosphere that screams, “It’s OK if you don’t have it all together.” Here are some tips for moving in that direction. [...]

Small Group Monday: 5 Dangerous Myths about Church-Wide Campaigns


Don’t get us wrong: We are fans of church-wide campaigns—those regular points in the church calendar in which every age group is studying the same thing, the pastor is reinforcing the small group emphases from the pulpit, and maybe even the choir and worship teams are lined up singing songs that support the theme. Bible [...]

Missionary Sunday School: Your Place in the History of Sunday School


This is part 2 of a series of posts from David Francis’ Missionary Sunday School. Click here for a free download of the book. Chapter 1 of the book looks at the history of Sunday school, and how revolutionary the concept was that “common people should be able to read the Bible for themselves over against the [...]

New Bible Studies For Life: Kids One Conversation Placemats


          Introducing, One Conversation Placemats. Print these placemats out on 11 x 17 paper and laminate. You can send these home with kids and they can take them home for parents to have meaningful conversations with kids each week about the Bible stories that their kids are learning. Print specific placemats [...]