When Relationships Collide, Session 6: All Additional Resources

  Here are the magazine articles that were selected to go along with this session:   For users of Bible Studies For Life: Adults— Love Greater Than Our Sins For users of Bible Studies For Life: Young Adults— In the Meantime For users of Bible Studies For Life: Senior Adults: How Long, O Lord?  For users of […]

When Relationships Collide Session 5, Current Events Connection

This news story first aired on NBC Nightly News on November 7, 2013. The story is of a California Highway Patrol officer that, by his own count, has helped over 200 people who have been contemplating suicide on the Golden Gate Bridge. Use this anywhere in the lesson you want to emphasize the point “Step […]

When Relationships Collide Session 6: Guess the Picture

For the “Lead with Atmosphere” Engage Option, try a few of the ones available on this website. (This is an external website with content that cannot be controlled by LifeWay, please use caution and personal judgment any time you use activities involving the web.) Show students the small picture and let them guess the big […]

When Relationships Collide Session 4: Video

Standing up for truth and what is right is not always easy.  In this this session, Paul stood his ground for what he knew was right and consistent with the Scriptures.  Truth was being compromised and God called him to act. There have been significant individuals in history that have stood up for what was […]

When Relationships Collide Session 5: Article

Aaron Tyler, a university professor and Texas Baptist minister, travels in the back of a four-wheel-drive pickup truck, to a remote area in western Kenya where he participated in an international peacemaking initiative. (Click picture to go to article) To help introduce the point, “Step in to keep a bad situation from becoming worse,” summarize […]

When Relationships Collide, Session 6: Live It Out Option for Men

Conclude this session (and the entire unit) by asking the men in your group to share anything they know about the famous 19th century feud between the Hatfields and McCoys. Ask if anyone watched the History Channel’s 2012 miniseries on the feud, which set records as the most watched miniseries on basic cable (until The […]

When Relationships Collide, Session 6: Current Events Connection

Admittedly, the story of the Jonas Brothers breaking up as a band is probably not on the same level as say, conflicts between Democrats and Republicans in Congress, or reconciliation between Israel and Pakistan (at least not for anyone over 12). However, there is at least one insight in this article that will be helpful […]

When Relationships Collide Session 6: Live It Out option for Boomers

To wrap up the session, remind group members of the Johnny Nash song from 1972, “I Can See Clearly Now.” Share the lyrics with the group or invite group members to recall some of the lines from the song. Note in particular: “I can see clearly now, the rain is gone, I can see all obstacles […]

When Relationships Collide, Session 6: Introduction Option for Parents

To introduce this lesson on how God uses conflict for our greater good, ask: When have you faced a situation that turned out much better than you first expected? What turned the situation around for you? Discuss responses. Share that in April of 1970, NASA launched the Apollo 13 mission under the command of Jim […]

When Relationships Collide, Session 6: How Long, O Lord?

By Shirley G. Williams “LORD, how long will You forget me? Forever?”  (Ps. 13:1)  This is the Psalmist’s cry, born of seemingly relentless trial. Many parents have been there. In our case, our son was swept away by the world’s offers for instant gratification. My husband and I stood by helplessly as his life, full […]