Preschool: Unit 1: Session 4: Work Together (March 23)

1s & 2s—Set the Table Bible Story: Special Instructions Exodus 35:4-35    Life Point: God wants people to work together. Bible Phrase: Work together. Ephesians 6:7  Christ Focus: Jesus call the church to join Him in His mission. Bible Focus: The people worked together to help build the tent church.  Materials: Teaching Picture 4, toy […]

Kids: Spring 2014: Unit 1: Session 5: Build (March 30)

Grades 1–6: Working Hard Session 5 – Build  Scripture: Exodus 39:32–40:38  Grades 1–3  Introductory Activity—Work Together  •Gather two gift bags, two pieces of paper, and a marker. •Write on one paper God wants people and on the second paper to work together to honor Him. Place one paper in each bag. Set each bag on […]

Grades 1-6: Watch Out! Session 6 – It’s Not Going to Be Easy

Scripture: Matthew 26:17-30; 1 Corinthians 11:23-26 Grades 1-3 Introductory Activity – Step Forward Place a masking tape line on the floor as a start line and another tape line across the room as the finish line. Tell children to line up on the start line, facing forward. Tell children to follow the instructions if the […]

Grades 1-6: Watch Out! Session 5 – Loving the Unlovable

Scripture: Luke 19:1-10 Grades 1-3 Introductory Activity – Confetti Toss Gather a large amount of paper confetti and paper bags. Allow each child to get a handful of confetti. When you say “Go,” kids can toss the confetti. Encourage them to continue to pick up confetti and toss it. Hand out more confetti as available. […]

Grades 1-6: Watch Out! Session 4 – Speak Kindly to People

Scripture: Mark 10:13-16 Grades 1-3 Introductory Activity – Inside Outside Circle Divide the group into two groups of equal number. If you have an odd number of kids, enlist an adult to play to even out the groups. Guide one group to make a circle, facing out (backs to the center of the circle). The […]

Grades 1-6: Watch Out! Session 3 – Treat Others Right

Scripture: John 4:1-30 Grades 1-3 Introductory Activity – Things I Love Lists On large pieces of paper, write these titles (one per paper): Foods I Love; Stuff I Love; People I Love; Pets I Love; Toys I Love; Friends I Love; Places I Love. Lay the papers on the floor around the room; place 3-4 […]

Grades 1-6: Watch Out! Session 2 – Resist Temptation

Scripture: Matthew 4:1-11 Grades 1-3 Introductory Activity – In Control, Out of Control Tell the children to move around the area as if they are driving cars (or flying airplanes). Call out: “Out of control!” Kids move as if the cars were out of control. Call out: “In control!” Kids then drive as if back […]

Grades 1-6: Watch Out! Session 1 – Good Attitudes

Scripture: Matthew 5:1-12 Grades 1-3 Introductory Activity – How Would You Feel? On individual pieces of paper, print words for different emotions or attitudes. (Examples: happy, sad, excited, worried, proud, mad) Make two or three sets of words, depending on the number of children you have. Tape the words to the floor in random order. […]

Links to Kids Extra for Fall 2013 (Dates Included!)

Kids (Grades 1-6)   Unit 1: Watch Out! Session 1: Good Attitudes (suggested date: September 1, 2013) Session 2: Resist Temptation (suggested date: September 8, 2013) Session 3: Treat Others Right (suggested date: September 15, 2013) Session 4: Speak Kindly to All People (suggested date: September 22, 2013) Session 5: Loving the Unlovable (suggested date: […]