Winter 2013-14: Unit 1: Session 6: Faith (1/12/13)

Scripture: 1 Peter; 2 Peter Grades 1-3 Introductory Activity – On the Ball On a beach ball, print words like these: school; church; friends; bully; sister; brother; parents; teachers; playground; karate class; gym; art room; ball field; movie theater; neighbor; backyard; classroom. Lead kids to form a circle. Start tossing the ball back and forth […]

Winter 2013-15: Unit 1: Session 5: Renew (1/5/14)

Scripture: Galatians 2:11-21 Grades 1-3 Introductory Activity – Team Peter, Team Paul Gather pads of large sticky notes and pencils. Divide the group into two teams. (If your group is large, divide into four or six teams. If your group is small, one or two people can be a team.) Assign each team the name […]

Winter 2013-14: Unit 1: Session 4: Change (12/29/13)

Scripture: Acts 12:5-19 Grades 1-3 Introductory Activity – Teacher, May I? Guide the kids to stand in a line on one side of the play area, facing you (on the other side of the area). Call on a child: “Joe, take two steps forward.” He must ask, “Teacher, may I?” You respond, “Yes, you may.” […]

Winter 2013-14: Unit 1: Session 3: Love (12/15/13)

Scripture: John 21:1-19  Grades 1-3 Introductory Activity – Puzzle It Out Print word LOVE in large letters on piece of paper. Use different colored markers to make several copies. (You will need one word for every four kids.) Cut the words into 4 pieces; make sure you have part of the word on each piece. […]

Winter 2013-14: Unit 1: Session 2: Forgiveness (12/8/13)

Scripture: Matthew 18:21-35 Grades 1-3 Introductory Activity – Let’s Make Seven Gather large pieces of paper and markers. Divide the group of kids into teams (of 3-5). Give each team a piece of paper and a couple of markers. Tell the teams to write 7 in the middle of their paper. Encourage teams to illustrate […]

Winter 2013-14: Unit 1: Session 1: Hope (12/1/13)

Scripture: Matthew 14:22-33 Grades 1-3 Introductory Activity – Whaddya Know? Print each question on a large piece of paper. Leave room under the question for kids to write answers: What is a miracle that Jesus did? What is something that Jesus taught? What do you know about Jesus’ life? How do you know that Jesus […]

Winter 2013-14 Grades 1-6 Leader Extras (with suggested Dates!)

Winter 2013-14  Unit 1 Overview Unit 2 Overview Bible Stories   Unit 1: Starting Over* Session 1: Hope (Suggested date: 12/1/13) OPTIONAL CHRISTMAS SESSION God’s Promise Through Prophets (Suggested date: 12/1/13) Session 2: Forgiveness (Suggested date: 12/8/13) OPTIONAL CHRISTMAS SESSION Angels Visit Mary and Joseph (Suggested date: 12/8/13) Session 3: Love (Suggested date: 12/15/13) OPTIONAL CHRISTMAS SESSIONS Mary […]