Special Focus, Easter: Free Student Devotion, “A Willing Sacrifice”


This is the free student devotion for the Special Focus, Easter: “But Now…Victory.” Pause To begin your time with God, ponder this quote from “Let’s Go!” in The Jesus Storybook Bible by Sally Lloyd Jones: “To rescue God’s children, Jesus would have to die. There was no other way. It was the reason He had come.” The […]

But Now…Victory: A Reflection of Sacrifice


by Lou Carlozo If you’re like most Americans, you start playing Christmas carols — “O Holy Night” and “Hark! the Herald Angels Sing” — at least a month before Christmas. You spend hours wrapping gifts and hanging lights, jaunting off to countless Christmas parties. But in the weeks leading up to Easter, do you sit around listening to “Up From the Grave […]

But Now…Victory: An Easter Message


  On a beautiful spring day in 1977, my assistant, Specialist Fourth Class Tim Joiner, and I, a U.S. Army chaplain, were “on the circuit,” visiting our men at one of the 38th Air Defense Artillery Brigade’s scattered missile sites in the Republic of South Korea.  by Jack E. Brown  After a 2 and a […]

Kids: Spring 2014: Special Focus: Crucifixion and Resurrection (April 20)

Grades 1–6: Special Focus Session – Crucifixion and Resurrection  Scripture: Matthew 26:36–28:10 Grades 1–3  Introductory Activity—Play a Relay Game  •Supply 10 balloons, 2 large spoons, small pieces of paper, and a marker. •Write the individual letters for the word “Alive” on separate, small pieces of paper. Slip each of these into a balloon, blow the […]