Thank You, Lord: 12,000 Miles From Thanksgiving

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By David Crim How to give thanks without Butterball®, extended family, and the Dallas Cowboys. I had to learn the hard way that there’s no one right way to stuff a turkey. Years ago, during my first Thanksgiving with my wife’s family, nothing was correct. There were foods missing from the table. And how they […]

Thank You, Lord: The Power of Gratitude


Here are links to two great articles from the archives on The Power of Gratitude. In part one, Marlene Baer introduces us to the impact an “attitude of gratitude” can have on yourself and the people around you. In part two, Marlene gets very practical, offering dozens of suggestions for how you can demonstrate […]

Thank You, Lord: A Prayer to Remember


By Chandra Bennett The apostle Paul didn’t mince words. He magnified them. My young daughter often prays with one eye open because she’s taking note of my responses to her words. I often squelch the giggles because preschoolers come up with some interesting prayers! Speaking of interesting prayers, let’s take a fresh look at the apostle […]

Thank You, Lord: Living on a Prayer


Incorporating God Into Your Every Moment By Matt Tullos  I’d love to be the kind of believer who oozes spirituality, but the real me is a scattered, messy, stumbling Christ-follower. My life is filled with to-do’s, deadlines, meals on the go, and Skype. Is there any reason to think I could ever be good at prayer? […]

Thank You, Lord: Thank God for Not Giving It to You


By Nathan Garrett “The thankful heart sees the best part of every situation. It sees problems and weaknesses as opportunities, struggles as refining tools, and sinners as saints in progress.” – Francis Frangipane We live in a culture that believes everyone has some good in them, and that we just need to discover it. But the Bible teaches […]