Resilient Faith, Session 5: Finding Contentment


By Michael Kelley When we’re poor, hungry, and unimportant, we want relief from our circumstances. We’re too wound up to listen, appreciate, or learn the lessons of contentment. Paul wrote in Philippians 4:13: “I am able to do all things through Him who strengthens me.” Throughout my life, these words have taken on different meanings. In high school, I had that verse in my football [...]

Resilient Faith, Session 5: A Second Chance at Love


By Gina Kell Spehn In tragedy, grace is often hidden from view. But shared experiences helped a grieving widow and widower find love again. Occasionally, husbands and wives have conversations about what will happen if one of them dies. Discussing things like beneficiaries and who will take care of the children is prudent preparation for life’s [...]

Resilient Faith, Session 5: Cookies


by Linda K. Anderson Sometimes you just know it’s going to be a good day. You wake up, stretch, and smile, feeling ready for anything.  One such morning, many years ago, was a springboard to a little miracle in my life, proving beyond a doubt God does indeed provide for our needs — and in [...]

Resilient Faith, Session 4: Love Laid Down


“Ryan’s dead, but God is good.”  How one family grappled with these simultaneous realities It all happened so fast. At the beginning of 2010, Chad Arnold was a healthy 38-year-old with a wife and two kids. Then the liver condition he’d been living with relatively symptom-free since his early 20s suddenly became more aggressive. He went [...]

Resilient Faith, Session 4: Mark’s Call to Move


by Jennifer McCaman We live in a word-saturated world. We don’t have to look far to find opinions; they find us. Glance through a blog, read a wall-post, scroll through your tweets, or flip through a textbook, and you’ll hear hundreds of voices clamoring to persuade you. Friends, professors, authors, coworkers, and the media argue controversial issues. Don’t misunderstand; communication is [...]

Resilient Faith, Session 4: God’s Purpose in Our Suffering


by Larry Dry Recently I received an email from a retired pastor friend: “What I thought would be a routine exam with the heart doctor has turned out to be much more. So far I’ve endured wearing a heart monitor and having blood tests and an echo cardiogram. At least they have proven beyond a [...]

Resilent Faith, Session 4 (Ready Faith): Miracle Performed God’s Way


By Susan J Decuir It was a quiet Saturday afternoon. My husband, Ron, practiced his guitar in his music room. I relaxed on my comfy recliner in the living room, reading a heart-touching book by one of my favorite Christian authors. I was completely absorbed in the dramatic conclusion, tissue in hand, when the phone [...]

Resilient Faith Session 3: Traveling Light


In the midst of the darkest circumstances, God is able. by Priscilla Shirer The airplane cabin was almost completely quiet, except for the occasional clicking of a flight attendant’s heels, responding to a passenger’s call for hot tea or a pillow. Night had fallen across the vast expanse of sky somewhere between London and Johannesburg — [...]

Resilient Faith, Session 2: The Mouth Guard


by Katharine Wool Parrish The news was shocking! I couldn’t believe it, and I couldn’t wait to tell someone. We were enjoying lunch when my son told me about a volunteer at church. “They told him his services were no longer needed,” he said. “Can you believe that? He’s been doing that job for 10 [...]

Resilient Faith Session 2: We Choose Faith


There are parts of God and His Word that we don’t understand or even like. But to choose faith, we have to embrace all of it. By Michael Kelley It’s not that difficult to tell when someone has something to tell you but really doesn’t want to — you can almost sense the news coming. It’s the same [...]