From the Editor: Hope Found


Where do you look for hope? This week, Bible Studies For Life General Editor Ronnie Floyd reminds us that we live in a culture that inundates is with false remedies and placebos to attempt to make us feel better, or at least make us forget. Dr. Floyd rightly calls these “false, ineffective hopes.” Where is [...]

Let Hope In, Session 2: The War is Over


By Jennifer McCaman Christ made a way for peace. War often brings to mind images of battlefields, heavy ammunition, tanks, grenades, and soldiers outfitted in full battle array. Brave men and women go to war for our country daily in foreign lands. But far from the devastation of gunfire and bombs, another war quietly rages, [...]

Let Hope In, Session 2: Don’t Waste Your Life


By Mark Merrill  Prioritize what matters most.  Last time I checked, 10 out of 10 people die. Death is certain. But people don’t want to talk about it. Why? Let’s face it: We fear it. And besides, it’s flat-out uncomfortable and depressing to talk about our eventual demise. So what do we do instead? Author Os [...]

Let Hope In, Session 2: Sweet Release


Making Joy Your New Default Setting Sometimes it’s easy to cling to pain and disappointment. What would life be like to really live without it? By Steven James Sometimes I do a good job of keeping my eyes on heaven, on the unseen, on Jesus and His kingdom and those types of things. But all too often I get [...]

Let Hope In, Session 1: Free Student Devotion, “Mission Purpose”


This is the free student devotional for Let Hope In, Session 1: Hope Needed. Pause Think about the situations, circumstances, or relationships in your life that seem impossible right now. Ask God for the strength to trust in His power, even over what seems impossible. Look, I am Yahweh, the God of all flesh. Is [...]

Let Hope In, Session 1: Shadow of a Doubt


By Kris Dolberry Why it’s OK to question your faith    I had the privilege of growing up in church. It was a small one with about 60 to 70 average attendees. My dad was a deacon. My mom was a Sunday school teacher. My parents did a terrific job planting seeds of the gospel [...]

Let Hope In, Session 1: The Gift of Hope


by Ann Brandt  The dictionary defines hope as “desire accompanied by expectation.” But hope is much more than that — it is the essential ingredient that holds the soul together. That sentence has run through my mind more than once as I witness the suffering of others and endure spells of suffering myself. Hope is [...]

Let Hope In, Session 1: Unreliable Witnesses


Why seeing isn’t always believing By Sean Savacool I held my best friend’s hand as he gasped for breath. Events in life can sometimes catch us by surprise. One minute you’re reading a novel, the next you’re clutching a dying hand. I was 18, homeless, poor, and in the middle of the most trying time of my life so far. [...]

Kids: Spring 2014: Unit 2: Session 3: We Have Hope (May 4)

Grades 1–6: Let Hope In Session 3 – We Have Hope  Scripture: Luke 15:11-32 Grades 1–3 Introductory Activity—Spell Words •Supply alphabet cereal or beads, paper plates, and papers with the following words written on them: forgive, Jesus, hope, and God. •Display the words where all kids can see them. Form kids into groups. Give groups [...]

Let Hope In, Session 6: Make a Difference in One School

The future is bleak for children in Cape Town’s townships, but with good examples and education, they can have hope. You can give township children hope for the future. CAPE TOWN, South Africa — Flocks of chatting, laughing children in navy and baby-blue uniforms are still swarming onto school grounds at 8:15. Class is supposed [...]