Sanctity of Human Life Studies

Every year Bible Studies for Life includes a study supporting the Sanctity of Human Life. These studies are typically studied around  the anniversary of the 1973 Supreme Court decision Roe V. Wade. This is an important issue, and we are pleased to make available two studies to help you and your group address it from […]

Honest to God, Session 6: A Shoulder to Lean On


By Amy Fenton Lee Supporting Friends with a special needs diagnosis Lacking confidence for the right words, people often shy away from parents in the midst of receiving a special needs diagnosis. After interviewing a number of mothers of children affected by special needs, common pointers emerge to help caring friends better engage these families. […]

Honest to God, Session 6: Hard Cuts


by Leighann McCoy Growing up, I consulted my mood ring to gauge my happiness. But dark days have taught me that while happiness is wonderful, holiness is life’s goal. Born at the tail end of the Boomer generation, I saw civil rights advance, the anti-war movement begin, mistrust of government grow, and the women’s rights […]

Honest to God, Session 6: When Suffering Comes

When Suffering Comes_thumb

by Allison Vesterfelt For the past few months, I’ve been in pain. Some days it’s a dull pain — a casual ache that starts in my neck and finds it way into my arm, over my elbow, down my forearm, and into the tips of my fingers. Other days, it follows the same path, but […]

Honest to God, Session 6: Why This Sad Day?


By Robertson McQuilken “Dad, Bob’s been in a terrible accident. Please pray.”  Susan’s voice was controlled, but fear lurked around the border of her words. Her husband — our 36-year-old son — had rented a diving suit to go deep into Lake Michigan to photograph a famous shipwreck for a national magazine. The suit proved […]

Honest to God, Session 5: Designed For Life


By Jennifer McCaman  God created us with a plan. It’s the time of year when everything’s in bloom. Flowers burst with color. Trees are lush and green. There’s no trace of winter. Watching the intricacy of life is a visual feast. A beautiful tree grows from a tiny seed. A stunning butterfly once crawled on […]

Honest to God, Session 5: A Deeper Shade of Green


By Jonathan Merritt Going green for the right reasons Green is the new black. Environmental awareness is trendy, cool, in vogue. What was once reserved for Birkenstock-wearing flower children is cruising into the mainstream like a speeding Prius. Fashion is green. Outdoor-wear company Patagonia produces fleece jackets made from recycled plastic bottles. Even Sam’s Club now sells […]

Honest to God, Session 5: Stargazing


By Rene Holt I am writing this column just a week after returning from a vacation in Hawaii. In my mind I am still savoring the sensations of the island — fragrant orchid leis, warm breezes, the roar of the ocean waves, the laughter of children playing just outside our room. I wish I could […]

Honest to God, Session 4: On the Same Page


By Laura Brooke Allen Reading the Bible from left to right 10 times seemed a bit bland. I prayed for innovation. Though my husband, Anwar, and I both love God’s Word, all attempts to consistently explore it together had failed rather miserably. We were both growing, though we rarely found ourselves, quite literally, on the […]

Honest to God Session 4: Free Student Devotion

This is the free Student devotional for Honest to God 4: Why Should I Trust the Bible? God’s Word Brings Light Pause Go outside before the sun comes up or try to navigate your room without any lights on. Thank God that He hasn’t left us in the dark when it comes to following Him. […]