Do Over, Session 6: The Power of Two


by Camerin Courtney  Mentoring is a relationship that involves risk, vulnerability, and amazing transformation.  January is National Mentoring Month, and the Bible is full of mentoring relationships worthy of study: Moses and Joshua, Naomi and Ruth, Elizabeth and Mary, and Paul and Timothy. If these giants of the faith were “concerned about one another in […]

From the Editor: Not Alone


This week on his blog, Dr. Ronnie Floyd, General Editor for Bible Studies for Life, reminds us of one of the classic American action heroes, The Lone Ranger. The Lone Ranger was a great TV show. An expensive movie. A fun Halloween costume. But what about the Lone Ranger as a model for the Christian […]

Honest to God, Session 1: The Lost Voices


By Pat Layton  Many women attending and serving in our churches have had one or more abortions. How can the church help these wounded women heal? I can’t do this! I can’t be in a Bible study with all these godly women. I don’t fit in here, Sandy thought, wiping mascara-stained tears from her face. I’ve had four […]

Do Over, Session 6: Fear No Evil

Fear No Evil_thumb

By Mary E. DeMuth 5 ways to overcome a spiritual attack Mommy, I’m hearing voices,” my youngest daughter told us when we lived overseas. “They’re telling me to do bad things like kick my brother and disobey you. They’re waking me up at night and scaring me.” We’d recognized her belligerence, but we chalked it […]

Do Over, Session 5: All Additional Resources

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Here are the magazine articles that were selected to go along with this session: For users of Bible Studies For Life: Adults—Walking With a Limp For users of Bible Studies For Life: Young Adults– Change My Heart For users of Bible Studies For Life: Senior Adults and Bible Studies For Life: Adults (KJV)— The Seven Deadly […]

Do Over, Session 6: All Things New


By Matthew Paul Turner Without the darkness of winter, how could we fully know the brilliance of spring? On an April flight to Washington, D.C., I was seated next to a woman wearing a blue suit and a personal I.D. tag with the word Pentagon written on it. I sat up straighter just in case her security clearance permitted her to […]

Do Over, Session 6: Gramma’s Faded Quilt


by Karen Strand SEASONS. CHAPTERS. ACTS OF A PLAY. The stages of life are perceived in various ways. But in each — whether childhood, teen, young adult, middle, or senior years — transitions are taking place with new things to learn. In my early years of marriage, I prayed to be a good wife. In […]

Do Over, Session 6: Money Miracles


By Aaron Householder Stewardship Lessons From the Condiment Aisle Was it a miracle? Or was it just dressing? My almost 5-year-old son recoiled from his sandwich. With passion in his voice and fire in his blue eyes, he bellowed, “This isn’t what you like, Mama! This is what Daddy eats.” My last hope for another […]

Do Over, Session 5: Seven Deadly Sins of Aging


by Janice Thompson As we grow older, we expect to mature in Christ and develop in Christ-likeness. We don’t expect to wrestle with the same sins and temptations that plagued us in our youth. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. Many of us — even in our golden years — fall into behaviors that dishonor […]

Do Over, Session 5: Walking With a Limp


 By Phil Callaway Lust: It’s one of the reasons I almost didn’t write my latest book. When asked to keep a diary of my attempt to live without telling a lie for an entire year for the book To Be Perfectly Honest, I knew I couldn’t do so without confessing that I’m still capable of […]