Connected, Session 6: Free Student Devotion, “Peace, Church”

This is the free student devotional for Connected, Session 6: Connected Through Prayer. Pause Spend some time in confession before opening God’s Word. Invite God to reveal the places in your life you need to turn over to Him. Read Colossians 3:12-15 in your Bible. Underline everything believers are commanded to do in this passage. […]

Connected, Session 5: Free Student Devotion, “Answer the Call”

This is the free student devotional for Connected, Session 5: Connected in Service. Pause Start with a time of prayer. Focus on one characteristic of God and praise Him for it. Then, thank Him for one thing He has done for you this week. Recall yesterday’s devotion. As a Christian, you know that God has […]

Connected, Session 6 (Connected Through Prayer): 3 Steps to a Healthier Prayer Life


by Joel A. Lindsey Tell me if this scenario sounds familiar: You decide it’s time to pray, so you close your eyes. Fifteen seconds in, out of nowhere, tomorrow’s to-do list pops up and your thoughts are off on a tangent. Before long, you realize what’s happening, and by sheer force of the will, you […]

Connected Session 6 (Connected Through Prayer): Heart of the Matter


Through their son’s unexpected health crisis, Matt Hammitt, lead singer of the award-winning band Sanctus Real, and his wife, Sarah, rediscovered the meaning of childlike faith. by Lindsay Williams “I don’t know if you’ve ever experienced a time in your life when a single moment changes everything and takes you down a new path. Something […]

Connected, Session 5 (Connected in Service): Can I Take Your Coats?


by Scott Penner These were the first words that greeted me as I, along with my family, entered Truro Alliance Church as a candidate for pastoral ministry.  Delbert, a quiet, unassuming senior, had his own way of making a person feel welcome. He was what you would call the head usher. However, when asked if […]

Connected, Session 5 (Connected in Service): All Excuses Ceasing


by Susan Childress This year, Queen Elizabeth II celebrated the 60th anniversary of her coronation. In 1953, she sent special invitations to the coronation. The invitations were inscribed, “all excuses ceasing.” In other words, there is no RSVP — you’re expected to be there, no excuses. Today, you are invited and expected to accept an […]

Connected Session 5 (Connected in Service): Put on a Yes Face


by Steve Rogers A friend once told me he could classify every person he met into one of two categories — those with a yes face and those with a no face. Intrigued with his assertion, I immediately set out to put it to the test. For the next month, every time I walked through […]

Connected, Session 6 (Connected Through Prayer): May I Pray For You Now?


  by Kaye Johns “Brothers, pray for us also” (1 Thess. 5:25).  Most of us, if we are at all active in our churches, are occasionally asked to pray for someone. We say we will — and we fully we intend to — but sometimes we forget. One way to avoid this is to pray […]

Connected, Session 5 (Connected in Service): Gifts


By Michael Kelley My kids love getting gifts. (I guess that whole “blessed is the giver” thing hasn’t caught on yet.) My son likes Legos®, light sabers, and baseball bats. He could care less about getting clothes. In a big stack of presents, he’ll open a package of socks, nod politely, and then quickly throw […]

Connected Session 4: All to Jesus, I Surrender


God can heal the guilt and pain of abortion.  by Pat Layton She dropped her head and drew her shoulders together. Her shaking fingers nervously tucked her skirt in tightly around her legs as she stretched the hem toward her knees and drew her feet up under the pew. She tried to make herself as […]