Awake, Session 1 (Return to God): Leave Everything Behind

Click here for LifeWay Worship’s “Leave Everything Behind” from Bible Studies for Life Songs, vol. I

Awake, Session 2 (Return to Your First Love): 7 Ways to Stick With Your Daily Bible Reading

Ken Braddy offers some great tips for reading the Bible on a daily basis. 7 Ways to Stick With Your Daily Bible Reading

Awake, Session 3 (Return to Prayer): 7 Prayer Practices for Every Day

Seven Prayer Practices for Every Day “A man prayed, and at first he thought that prayer was talking. But he became more and more quiet until in the end he realized that prayer is listening.” ~ Soren Kierkegaard   For those of us struggling with perpetual busyness, the Apostle Paul’s instruction to “pray constantly” (1 […]

Awake, Session 4 (Return to God’s Word): A Treasure Awaits

A Treasure Awaits … How to Find the Unexpected in Your Bible Study by Jason Hayes There’s something wonderful about getting a gift out of the blue. Whether it’s a care package from home, rediscovering your favorite childhood toy, or finding $20 in an old pair of jeans — gifts are exciting. For a few […]

Awake, Session 5 (Return to Unity): Is Jesus Really All You Need?

Is Jesus Really All You Need? “All you need is Jesus.” Ever heard that phrase? In the evangelical world that I consider myself a part of, this phrase is constantly proclaimed as the very essence of the Christian faith. All I need is my personal relationship with Jesus. Everything else may be helpful, but not necessary to live […]

Awake, Session 6 (Return to the Task): Restore the World

Restore the World: A Q&A with Author Gabe Lyons By Emory Colvin   The first time a self-proclaimed atheist asked me to pray with her, I knew the tide was changing. After spending several months intentionally doing life with a group of mostly non-Christians, she began to openly ask questions about my beliefs and initiate […]

Be Strong And Courageous, Session 5 (Work Through Conflict): Dealing with Conflict

Dealing with Conflict The effect of conflict on you and your relationship is impacted by 1) how much that person means to you, 2) the source of the conflict, and 3) how both of you respond. When we face conflict with a coworker, it can be an annoying and persistent burden until we deal with […]

Be Strong And Courageous, Session 6 (Call Others to Step Forward): Unmasked

Unmasked: identifying the true heroes in your Life by Chris James I love superhero movies. And, I’m fairly indiscriminate about them too. Superman, Batman, Ironman, X-Men — I like them all. Maybe it stems from the consummate little boy inside of me. Or maybe it’s because I have a subconscious desire to leap tall buildings […]

Be Strong And Courageous, Session 4 (Move Beyond Failure): The Artistry of God


    The Artistry of God God creates a mosaic masterpiece from the shards of your life. Human beings are like snowflakes — there are no two alike. Everyone is utterly unique from everyone else, and that uniqueness can be seen in the physical, emotional, and mental makeup of any single person. What’s more, that […]

Be Strong And Courageous, Session 3 (Stick to God’s Plan): Heart for Haiti

heart for haiti

One man’s passion for the orphaned children living in the Land of Mountains. Jim Bryson has a nearly impossible assignment from God: build a leadership school for children in Haiti. There’s just one big catch — he doesn’t know anything about building a school. He’s totally dependent on God, and he wouldn’t have it any other way. Passion for Orphans […]