Connected, Session 3: Going the Distance


Marathoner Amy Compston used to run away from God. Now she’s running for Him.  by Mark Maynard Amy Compston has been a distance runner since she was 11 years old. The wife and mom, 28, who finished among the top 15 percent of females at the 2013 Boston Marathon, is training for a grueling 50-mile Ultra Marathon in [...]

Connected Session 1: He’ll Come Running


The amazing race of a father and his son, and how it demonstrates God’s undying love for you. by Pete Wilson There’s a dangerous temptation many of us face when we think we’ve got God all figured out. I’ve noticed that I tend to get myself into all kinds of trouble when I make assumptions [...]

And It Was Good, Session 2: In God’s Green Earth


by Jason Chatraw What are you doing to care for creation? While watching yet another news clip of environmental activists carrying signs and chanting at policy makers, I simply rolled my eyes. “Tree huggers,” I scoffed. But then while hanging out with Tri Robinson, a pastor and author of Saving God’s Green Earth, my view changed. It’s not that I was ignorant of the [...]

And It Was Good, Session 1: Designed for Life


By Jennifer McCaman  God created us with a plan. It’s the time of year when everything’s in bloom. Flowers burst with color. Trees are lush and green. There’s no trace of winter. Watching the intricacy of life is a visual feast. A beautiful tree grows from a tiny seed. A stunning butterfly once crawled on the [...]

Resilient Faith, Session 6: The Calm in the Storm


Peace is the presence of Jesus. BY JENNIFER J. HOLT  BEEP-BEEP-BEEP-BEEP. Every morning begins the same way with a rousing alarm and a long list of things to do. I try to be a planner, packing my family’s lunches the night before and getting out what we’re going to wear before bed, yet somehow getting [...]

Resilient Faith, Session 5: Finding Contentment


By Michael Kelley When we’re poor, hungry, and unimportant, we want relief from our circumstances. We’re too wound up to listen, appreciate, or learn the lessons of contentment. Paul wrote in Philippians 4:13: “I am able to do all things through Him who strengthens me.” Throughout my life, these words have taken on different meanings. In high school, I had that verse in my football [...]

Resilient Faith, Session 4: Mark’s Call to Move


by Jennifer McCaman We live in a word-saturated world. We don’t have to look far to find opinions; they find us. Glance through a blog, read a wall-post, scroll through your tweets, or flip through a textbook, and you’ll hear hundreds of voices clamoring to persuade you. Friends, professors, authors, coworkers, and the media argue controversial issues. Don’t misunderstand; communication is [...]

Resilient Faith Session 3: Traveling Light


In the midst of the darkest circumstances, God is able. by Priscilla Shirer The airplane cabin was almost completely quiet, except for the occasional clicking of a flight attendant’s heels, responding to a passenger’s call for hot tea or a pillow. Night had fallen across the vast expanse of sky somewhere between London and Johannesburg — [...]

Resilient Faith Session 2: We Choose Faith


There are parts of God and His Word that we don’t understand or even like. But to choose faith, we have to embrace all of it. By Michael Kelley It’s not that difficult to tell when someone has something to tell you but really doesn’t want to — you can almost sense the news coming. It’s the same [...]

Resilient Faith, Session 1: An Anchor From the Storm


by Rebecca George Lessons from the Life of Jeremiah Six years ago this coming August (2011), Hurr icane Katrina began her lethal trek toward the Mississippi Gulf Coast. When all was said and done, nearly 1,900 people lost their lives, and the storm caused more than $100 billion in destruction. Many college students in New Orleans lost everything. Students already immersed into the fall [...]