Overcome, Session 2: Free Student Devotion, “Chaos”

This is the free student devotional for Overcome, Session 2: Overcome Temptation. Pause This week, you’ll study Genesis 4 in-depth. Read over the entire chapter, prayerfully asking God to open your mind to what He has to teach you. Last week you learned that God’s perfect world was no longer perfect. Sin had entered the [...]

Overcome, Session 3: Shelf Life


by Carole Rodgers ANOTHER CHRISTMAS HAD PASSED. After finally getting my decorations down and packed away, I carried the boxes to the closet and gently lifted them up and onto the shelf.  I couldn’t help but notice in the packing that a good number of the decorations were beginning to show tell-tale signs of aging. [...]

Overcome, Session 3: Four Simple Words


by Jack Brewer At the foot of my bed stood a young boy. “But, what about me?” he asked.  During the Korean War, I was a gunner on a B-29 bomber. My most memorable experience occurred when two engines went out and we landed amid a brilliant ball of fire. It was an exciting day, [...]

Overcome, Session 3: Hope for the Barren Heart


In the bleak mid-winter of your soul, God plants a garden of faith. by Aaron Householder Fear is natural. Faith is supernatural. When we don’t understand and can’t overcome, we react in fear. It’s a natural response of humanity. Our fear may paralyze us in depression or indecision. Or our fear may motivate us to [...]

Overcome, Session 1: Free Student Devotion, “A New Hope”

This is the free student devotional for Overcome, Session 1: Overcome Betrayal. Pause Think about a situation that seemed hopeless (and maybe still does). Praise God that all hope rests in Him. Rest in that hope as you begin today’s devotion. Remember when it seemed like Frodo wouldn’t get the ring to Mordor? Remember when [...]

Overcome, Session 2: Strings Attached: Why The “Hook-Up Culture” Affects You


by Guy Chmieleski The hookup culture – this “no strings attached” paradigm toward casual sexual encounters – has become the new normal among many Christian collegiates in America. According to Relevant magazine, “Eighty percent of young, unmarried Christians have had sex. Two-thirds have been sexually active in the last year. Even though, according to a [...]

Overcome, Session 2: Idols Away


Rid your life of the things that stand between you and God. by Aaron Householder Picture an 8-year-old boy’s messy room. It’s scattered with action figures, books, and games. Don’t forget to watch your step for Legos® lying low like land mines. And then there’s that little boy who’s been playing outside. His stench fills the room, too. Whew! Now, [...]

Overcome, Session 1: Finding Your Way Out of the Desert


by Jim Johnston One of my favorite television shows is Man vs. Wild, an ingenious reality show that attempts to show you how to survive in any number of hostile environments—from the Costa Rican rainforest to the Alaskan frontier to a wide array of desert locations. The host is an aptly named British gentleman named [...]

Overcome, Session 1: Life Puzzle


by June Chapko As a child, whenever we visited my grandparents, I had the honor of choosing a puzzle from the closet in my mother’s old bedroom.  The closet was piled high with boxes of jigsaw puzzles, waiting to be selected. I loved sorting the pieces and finding several that seemed to fit, but I [...]

Connected, Session 6: Free Student Devotion, “Peace, Church”

This is the free student devotional for Connected, Session 6: Connected Through Prayer. Pause Spend some time in confession before opening God’s Word. Invite God to reveal the places in your life you need to turn over to Him. Read Colossians 3:12-15 in your Bible. Underline everything believers are commanded to do in this passage. [...]