Like No Other, Session 5 (Death Like No Other): When the Gospel Sinks In


Counting gain as loss in light of the incomparable message of Jesus Christ. by Piper Sloane The third-century Christian apologist, Tertullian, famously said during a time of Roman persecution, “The blood of martyrs is the seed of the church.” The early Church grew tremendously during times of intense persecution because of the witness of those who […]

Like No Other, Session 5 (Death Like No Other): Abundant Cross


Jesus emptied His life so your life could be full. by David Mathis Twice Jesus was offered wine while on the cross. He refused the first, but took the second. Why? The first time is referenced in Mark 15:23, “They tried to give Him wine mixed with myrrh, but He did not take it.” William […]

What If I Don’t Have All the Answers?

What If I Don't Have All the Answers

As teachers and ministers we’re supposed to have the answers, right? While that’s certainly an ambitious goal to have, it’s not true to life. Furthermore, the problem with the “only ask questions with straight-forward answers” mentality of leadership is that it holds little water for young adults. They know better than to assume life is […]

Like No Other, Session 4 (Teachings Like No Other): Gray Areas


In your quest for truth, let God’s love be your guide. by Mike Glenn We live in a world of infinite possibilities, even when we’re addressing important moral and ethical issues. For some questions, there just don’t seem to be right or wrong answers. Worse, in other situations, there seem to be several right answers. […]

Like No Other, Session 4 (Teachings Like No Other): Train Them Up


How to develop a plan to help your children grow spiritually By Tobin Perry I’ll never forget the first moments I had with my oldest son when he was born. You go through a multitude of thoughts in the moments after the birth of your first child. You wonder whether you’ll be able to provide […]

Groups Matter

Groups Matter

From the church in Acts 2 to your church today, believers have always thrived in community. The proof is in the groups. Recent research shows that people actively involved in groups read their Bibles, pray, give, and serve more than those who are not. Fill a church with these people and the culture and mission […]

Awake Promotional Video

Many of you will be beginning Awake: The Call to a Renewed Life in your small groups next week. Here are a couple of videos you can share with your group. The first is the promotional video for the study: If you don’t see the video, click here to watch on YouTube. If you don’t see the video, click […]

Like No Other, Session 3 (Power Like No Other): Fear of Financial Collapse


Loss is an inevitable part of life. By David Jeremiah Nothing that’s visible is lasting, and one of the harsh realities we face is the moment we first learn that truth. We lose a friend or we lose a job or we lose our fortune. The larger the loss, the deeper the pain. Financial collapse is a […]

Like No Other, Session 3 (Power Like No Other): A Father’s Call to Fight


  By Craig Groeschel Learning to Fight the Enemy as a Man of God Each year when summer rolls around, my wife and kids honor me on Father’s Day. For me, Father’s Day is not only a day to reflect on the greatest blessings God’s given me — my family — but also a day to […]

Like No Other, Session 3 (Power Like No Other): Trust Me

Patners Help

by Mark Whitt “Trust me. It’s going to work out.” Has anyone ever comforted you with that phrase? As a campus minister, there were many times when college students would swing by my office and share their anxiousness about graduation, an internship, or a relationship. And I’d point them toward that word trust, encouraging them […]