Ministry in the Face of Mental Illness, Bonus: Free Student Devotion, “Share in Suffering”

This is the free student devotional for Ministry in the Face of Illness, Bonus Session. Pause Go on a walk today. Take a look around you, at your community, the people the Lord has placed in your midst. Ask God to make your heart tender to those who need to know the hope of the […]

Storm Shelter Session 1(The Shelter of God’s Presence): Well Placed Confidence


In the face of life’s uncertainties, place your trust in God.  “I tell you, Peter,” He said, “the rooster will not crow today until you deny three times that you know Me!” (Luke 22:34). The words must have hung in the air, pointed and powerful. The disciples had just been arguing about who was to […]

Ministry in the Face of Mental Illness: Excerpt from “Melissa” by Frank Page

This is Chapter 1 of Melissa: A Father’s Lessons From a Daughter’s Suicide by Frank Page You’re Not Alone I was in my yard-working clothes when the call came. It was Friday morning. The day after Thanksgiving. Ten more minutes and I’d likely have been out on my mower, cutting the grass in preparation for getting […]

Overcome, Session 6: Free Student Devotion, “For My Good”

This is the free student devotional for Overcome, Session 6: Overcome an Earthly Mindset. Pause Consider this quote: “The will of God is not something you add to your life. It’s a course you choose. You either line yourself up with the Son of God . . . or you capitulate to the principle which […]

Storm Shelter, Session 2: Free Student Devotion, “Walk the Talk”

This is the free student devotional for Storm Shelter, Session 2: The Shelter of God’s Salvation. Pause Think about the situations that you prayed about yesterday—situations in which you feel defeated or discouraged. Thank God that He knows about those situations, is at work in them. Rest in His protection. Look back at the fears you […]

Ready, Session 4: Free Student Devotion, “Into Light”

This is the free student devotional for Ready, Session 4: Ready When Sex Destroys. Pause  Look over this week’s devotions. Thank God for bringing light into a dark world—especially into your life. Ask Him to open your heart to what He has to teach you. For you were once darkness, but now you are light in […]

Storm Shelter, Session 1: Free Student Devotion, “He Is With Us”

This is the free student devotional for Storm Shelter, Session 1: The Shelter of God’s Presence. Pause Listen to “He Is With Us” by Love & The Outcome. Think of a situation in which you really want to know that God is with you. Thank Him that He is. Read Psalm 23:1-6 in your Bible. […]

Storm Shelter, Session 3: Free Student Devotion, “Order My Steps”

This is the free student devotional for Storm Shelter, Session 3: The Shelter of God’s Forgiveness. Pause Ponder this quote from Corrie Ten Boom: “There are no ‘ifs’ in God’s kingdom. His timing is perfect . . . His will is our hiding place. Lord Jesus, keep me in Your will! Don’t let me go mad […]

Storm Shelter, Session 4: Free Student Devotion, “Hope of the Hopeless”

This is the free student devotional for Storm Shelter, Session 4: The Shelter of God’s Encouragement. Pause Ponder this quote: “Here is the world. Beautiful and terrible things will happen. Don’t be afraid. I am with you. Nothing can ever separate us.” —Frederick Buechner Think about some of the toughest situations you’ve had to walk through […]

Making Plans for Christmas: Free Student Devotion, “A Promise Fulfilled”

This is the free student devotional for Bonus Session, Making Plans for Christmas. Pause Prepare your heart for hearing from God by listening to “Come Thou Fount” by Kings Kaleidoscope (Asaph’s Arrows, 2012). Did your parents send out a birth announcement when you were born? What info do you think it would have included? Jot […]