Bible Studies for Life: Students Training and Overview

It can be hard to get your leadership and volunteers together for training and meetings. We put together a couple of videos to help explain and train your leaders for Bible Studies for Life: Students. Feel free to share these videos and use them with your leaders in your training environments.

Bible Studies for Life: Students Overview


Equipping Parents of Students

We hope these videos will help you as you prepare your church to use Bible Studies for Life. More training elements will be provided for all ages as we continue to serve churches in their mission of making disciples.



  1. Kristin Gardiner says:

    I am hearing about Bible Studies for Life: Students while we are here at Centri-Kid, and we were wondering if there will be options for all boys groups/all-girls groups. I saw there are lots of leader extras options for different kinds of adult groups, so we were wondering what kinds of options there will be for students.

    • Chris Swain says:

      Each session for students is appropriate for both girls and guys. There is nothing gender specific making the session unusable in the format you suggest. We worked very hard to ensure that everything in the material is effective for as wide an audience as possible while being very intentional about how the Bible applies to the lives of teenagers.Try the sample sessions out in your groups and see if they will be a fit for you. Let us know what you think and thanks for the comment!

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