Beyond Belief, Session 5 (God is Wise): Introduction Option for Boomers


Option 1: A Google search of the phrase “Baby Boomer Wisdom” doesn’t yield many helpful results. There is a website called, but ironically, the only content is an article about retirement and a video from the rock band Yes.

Another blog,, did have a helpful page entitled “Words of Wisdom from Baby Boomers.” Here are a couple of examples from the site:

  • 10% is what happens to you in life, but 90% is how you react to it.  It’s all about your attitude.
  • In life we can only make ourselves happy. If we make it our responsibility to make sure everyone we love remains happy and free from worry, we are doing them a disservice. And in many cases enabling them not to try.  Support and be there for them, but let them make their own destiny of happiness.

Consider printing this page and sharing some of these with the Boomers in your group. Lead Boomers to discuss sources of wisdom. Obviously, the Sunday School answer is going to be the Bible, but lead Boomers to think about other places they may go to get wisdom.

Option 2: If possible, display photos of all three presidents referenced below. The United States has had three vastly different presidents from the Baby Boomer Generation (born between 1946 and 1964): Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama. How has their exercise of wisdom or lack thereof affected life in the United States? Do you see evidence of Godly wisdom? Give an example. (Note: this could easily derail into a debate about politics, and you don’t want to miss the Point of the session, that “God will give me wisdom when I humbly seek it.”)

  • Substitute the following question for Question 4 in the Personal Study Guide: How do you exercise Godly wisdom when the exercise of worldly wisdom has dictated the circumstances around you? (Consider suggesting some current policies enacted by the administrations of the 3 presidents discussed earlier.)


We want to hear from you! How are you introducing the topic of Wisdom with the Boomers in your group?


MikeStoverpic2007The options for Boomer groups for the Beyond Belief unit were written by Michael Stover. Michael is a husband to one and a father of five, with over twenty years of experience in local church ministry. He and his family currently live in Jonesborough, Tennessee where he enjoys writing, computers, hunting, and fishing. You can connect with Michael on Twitter at and read periodic musings on a variety of topics on his blog at

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