Beyond Belief, Session 5 (God is Wise): Conclusion Option for Collegiates


Want to help your group members gain godly wisdom? Point them toward daily Bible reading plans for a deeper understanding of God and His Word. Since research suggests that it takes 21 consecutive days of an activity before it becomes a habit, issue a 21-day challenge to form the habit of digging into God’s Word daily:


1. Share the following Bible reading plan links.

2.  Ask your group members to choose one reading plan to follow for the next 21 days. If they already follow a reading plan or devotional, let them know it’s OK to just continue reading that.

3. Ask your group to commit to whichever plan they chose for 3 weeks. Clarify the start and ending dates.

4. At the end of the three weeks, ask your group members to consider the following questions:


  •             What was one thing you learned about God’s wisdom in the past 3 weeks?
  •             What did you find to be the biggest benefit to being in God’s Word daily?
  •             How can we encourage each other to be diligent students of Scripture?


5. Consider tackling this conversation over a meal or dessert at someone’s house.  This would allow plenty of time to discuss and offers your group an opportunity to spend time together apart from your regular meeting time. No time for this kind of gathering? Dive into the questions at your first opportunity after the 21 days. Now that they’ve gotten into the practice of daily time in God’s Word encourage them to continue! Note: This is an excellent chance to share from personal experience the impact daily Bible study has made on your own life and spiritual growth.

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