Beyond Belief, Session 5 (God is Wise): All Additional Resources


Beginning this quarter, we are pleased to offer suggested music for each session. These are links to purchase the songs on iTunes, as well as links to, which provides lead sheets, accompaniment tracks, and other resources for certain songs. Click here for Suggested music for the Beyond Belief unit

Here are the magazine articles that were selected to go along with this session:

And, here are some of the Leader Extras that were developed to help you customize this session for various kinds of groups. Even if you aren’t teaching one of these groups, browse here for ideas you may be able to use with your group.

  • For Men Discussion of Quote from Francis Chan’s Crazy Love
  • For Collegiates:  Helpful advice for helping college students develop daily discipline of Bible reading.
  • For Parents:  Clip from Courageous where the older cop is talking to the younger cop about his past sin and opportunity for forgiveness.
  • For Women: Discussion from Beth Moore’s Proverbs Bible study, Wising Up
  • For Boomers:  “Words of Wisdom from Baby Boomers”
  • Additional Questions:  Dozens of additional questions to help with your discussion

Hey! We aren’t the only ones with ideas! If you have any other resources you are planning to use with this session, please pass them along here! Blessings as you prepare to lead this session. 

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