Beyond Belief, Session 4 (God is Forgiving): Live It Out Activity and Discussion for Women’s Groups


A 2010 article on the website entitled “Gender and Forgiveness” reported this startling finding:

When it comes to research on forgiveness, generally women are more forgiving than men, but those studies didn’t ferret out the marriage factor. Once matrimony is in the equation the capacity for forgiveness shifts in favor of the husbands. But why?

The article goes on to say that, “self-report measures… indicated that both husbands and wives thought the men were more forgiving. Additionally, wives thought their husbands had more forgiveness toward them than husbands felt from their wives.”

  • Does this research “feel” true to you? In other words, is it true in your own life?
  • Are you more forgiving of your children or of people outside your home than you are to your husband? If so, why do think that is?
  • We’ve just spent a session discussing forgiveness as a defining attribute of God. Since we are created in God’s image and are responsible for reflecting that image to the world, how can we become more forgiving, starting with our own husbands?
  • How do you feel toward God knowing He has provided a way out when you sin daily?


We want to hear from you! How are you discussing the topic of God’s forgiving character with the women in your group?


Carole WainaThe options for women group for the Beyond Belief unit were written by Carole Waina who lives near Dallas, TX, and teaches at Dallas Baptist University. She and her husband Richard serve at First Baptist Church, Celina.

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