Beyond Belief, Session 4 (God is Forgiving): Conclusion Option for Parent groups


To help bring home the Point of this session, “God always forgives when I truly repent,” play this clip from “Courageous.” If you do not see the video below, click here to view the clip at

We will mess up as parents. Maybe not in the way this father did, but we will mess up. We need to extend forgiveness to our children, but we also need the forgiveness of our children, our spouses, but most importantly we need forgiveness from God.

  • What’s your take on how Nathan responded to David saying “I’m tired of feeling guilty” (His response: “You are guilty.”) Do you think it’s necessary to “own” our guilt before we can accept God’s forgiveness? Why or why not?
  • If you were here for the last session, we talked about the justice of God. This clip deals with God’s justice, but it also deals with God’s forgiveness. Is it hard for you to comprehend both aspects of God’s character?
  • How do you communicate love and justice when you are disciplining your kids?

Substitute the following question for Question 1 in the Personal Study Guide: What rules tend to get broken the most at your house?

Substitute the following question for Question 5 in the Personal Study Guide: Some kids have trouble forgiving themselves for failures even if they know God has forgiven them. How do you help a child get out from under the weight of guilt?

We want to hear from you! How are you introducing the topic of God’s forgiveness with the parents in your group?

paul kellyThe options for parent groups for the Beyond Belief unit were written by Paul Kelly. Paul teaches youth ministry and Christian education at the Southern California campus of Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary.

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