Babies Can Learn, Too!

land-1024x1017 What does your church do for babies on Sunday morning? Many churches choose to have nursery care for babies, but I believe there is a better option. What about Bible study for Babies? Did you know that Bible Studies For Life: Kids is one of the few curriculum offerings that has curriculum that has been specifically developed to teach Babies?Screen Shot 2014-08-21 at 12.18.33 PM

Each week, with babies can learn about who God is through the way they interact with their caregivers in their classes. They can hear words like love, Bible, mom, church, Jesus, God, dad, help, obey. These words don’t mean much to them now, but they lay a foundation for the future. Each time a baby hears the word God associated with church and love, he will know that God is good.

One of my two-year-old son’s first words was Bible. I appreciate that he had leaders in his Babies Bible study room that were willing to read him great stories about the Bible.

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Parents can carry on this conversation at home, too! For the past year, we have included reproducible pages in the Babies’ Leader Guide that leaders could send to parents. I’m happy to show you our new pages that are full color and can be downloaded here on this site. Help parents in your church understand the value of teaching their babies. Download the new pages: here.

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