About That Week When (Almost) No One Showed Up


One of my early experiences leading a Bible study group came when the leader asked me to lead in his absence. I was glad to, and boy, did I prepare. So imagine my excitement when Sunday morning came, I arrived with notes in hand, and … ONLY ONE PERSON SHOWED UP. Ever had a similar […]

What We Talk About When We Talk About “How It Went”


There are three things that consistently help me lead my group, and they all happen well before the group ever meets: Preparation, prayer, and coffee (extra hot). I’ll assume the importance of preparation and prayer is obvious, but about that cup of coffee … I meet every week with a couple of other group leaders […]

iLead with my iPad


  I am not one of those guys who camps out all night waiting to buy the latest and greatest tech toy. In fact, 20 years ago I returned some software I had purchased because it required something called a mouse. “Why would I ever want to take my hands off the keyboard??” I did eventually […]

The Dog Days of Bible Study


The dog days of summer. Those hot, sultry days of July and August. For many of us, it’s a period when we slow down a bit (“It’s just too hot to do anything!”) and there are not a lot of activities. Many people use the time to squeeze in a trip or vacation before the […]

Moving Beyond Friendly


By Lynn Pryor Last year, my wife and I were on a journey of seeking a church home. We determined not to just jump into the first church; we would visit a myriad of churches, see what God was doing, and determine the best place to serve. This journey began each week by visiting a […]

Improving on a Classic

lynn with mustang_feat

The ’66 Ford Mustang is an American classic. The Mustang was still a young car but it found its niche in 1966. That was the most popular year in Mustang’s history, selling over 600,000 cars. If it was such a loved and popular car, why did they ever monkey with it and change it? I […]

Chasing Wabbits

chasing rabbit_feat

“Be vewy quiet. I’m hunting wabbits.” Elmer Fudd has sat in my group. And he may have sat in yours. You know the person I’m talking about. Let’s say your group is digging into one of Jesus’ parables. Elmer asks the question, “So, do you think there were dinosaurs on the ark?” (Don’t laugh. This […]

Bringing the Whole Church On Board

Calvary Baptist Waynesboro_thumb

Since LifeWay made the decision to relaunch Bible Studies for Life, it’s been encouraging to see how so many churches have caught a vision of how this Bible study resource can be used in their overall mission and strategy. Let me briefly introduce you to one such church. Calvary Baptist Church in Waynesboro, MS made […]

Finding My Way Around the Bible Studies For Life DVD-ROM


Bible Studies for Life offers a DVD-ROM with its adult and student resources. It is included in the Small Group Leader Kits and the various Leader Packs. Now a DVD-ROM generally means two things: Videos (hey, that’s why it’s a DVD) Other files (this is the ROM part of a DVD-ROM) These “other files” include […]

Going Deep: How to Prepare for Deeper Bible Study

Deeper Dive_thumb

“Please, sir, I want some more.” Depending on your age, and/or your familiarity with musical theatre, this quote may immediately cause visions of Oliver Twist to dance in your head. Or, it may make you think of the members of your small group. Ever had a member of your group wish you could go deeper […]