Tuesday is for Tips: Using the Leader book AND Personal Study Guide to Prepare and to Lead

As we field questions about the new Bible Studies for Life—from email, phone calls, and on the blog—we have often encountered group leaders who wonder if they will still need a Personal Study Guide (PSG) if they have the Leader Guide. Does the Leader Guide have all the information the PSG does? If not, why […]

5 Tips for the 5 Questions

Integral to every Bible Studies for Life session are five key questions. Using questions is more than just asking them and waiting. So… 1. Vary the way you open with a question. No group member (or leader) wants the group to start the same way week-after-week. So interchange the ways you start discussion: Write it –on a poster, a […]

FAQ’s: Which Version of Bible Studies For Life is Right For My Group?

What questions do you have about what Bible study pieces are best for your group? Ask away; we’re here to search out the answers with you. Here are sample answers to start your pondering: Q: I’m in a tiny church with two groups: one for the Senior adult ladies, and one for everybody else? What […]

5 Ways to Prepare to Guide Bible Study

Recently a group of diverse Bible study leaders used the new Bible Studies For Life Adult Leader Guide and Personal Study Guide to prepare and lead a group Bible study.  Each leader had 10 adults in his or her group. The goal was to help participants experience one of the new Bible Studies For Life […]

Graduation Day Icebreakers

You likely know someone graduating from high school or college this month or next. Perhaps, even, they’re in your small group! Here are some fun icebreakers you could use in your group to celebrate those graduates and their many accomplishments. Tell Me Even the quietest people like to tell their stories. All they need is […]

7 Ways to Keep Guests Coming Back

Language matters. Disney knows this; that’s why they call all their employees “cast members.” So change the way you think about visitors. It changes your mindset when you stop thinking of newcomers as “visitors” and start thinking of them as guests. Think of it this way: When you are at home, people who come to […]

5 Keys for Engaging God’s Word in Your Group

We’ve all been there: we ask a group of actively involved Bible study group members what we think is a basic Bible question. But after much foot-shuffling and eye-contact-avoiding, it slowly dawns on us: they don’t know what to say, even though they’ve been in church all their lives. How can we help our group members […]

5 Ways to Spark Group Conversation

Group members and group leaders have one thing in common: they crave great discussions. Discussions help us see truth for the first time or the first time in a long time. So how do we leaders cultivate conversation that changes lives? 1. Use great questions. The new Bible Studies for Life Adult studies base each […]