Keeping Track of Your Group’s Prayer Requests Just Got Easier!

There are lots of new great features in the Bible Studies For Life Personal Study Guide / Small Group Member Book,  but one that has received praise at sneak-peak events happens to be among my favorites.  The Personal Study Guide was intentionally designed with features that would make it, well, personal. One of those features is […]

Why Alignment is Good, Part 2: But What If We’re Not?

In my last blog post I wrote about why alignment of content in Bible Studies For Life is a good thing for your church.  Moms and dads study the same biblical concept as their children, and twice a year for six weeks they study the exact same Bible passages, making “Deuteronomy 6” moments much more […]

Tires, Spines, and Bible Studies: Why Alignment is Good

Over the years I’ve spent a lot of money keeping my car in alignment. Come to think of it, I’ve spend some serious dollars making sure my spine was in alignment, too. Signs of misalignment are easy to spot: uneven tire wear, a limp, and other indicators that misalignment has taken place. Things that are out of alignment […]

Do I Really Need A Leader Pack?

As a former education pastor who served on church staff for 18 years and provided leadership to the men and women who led Bible studies, I wish I had a quarter for every time a group leader told me, “I don’t want a Leader Pack!”  Actually, you do want a Leader Pack and I can […]

There’s Only One Reason

When asked to share a few reasons why I will be using the newly redesigned Bible Studies For Life curriculum from LifeWay this fall, a number of things came to mind. However, after pondering on it for a while one number in particular kept coming into my head. That number is the number one. In […]

Recruiting leaders just got easier with the new Bible Studies for Life

Having served on church staff for 18 years, one of the biggest joys (and one of the biggest challenges) was to recruit leaders to shepherd Bible study groups. Pastors and staff from around the country have attended workshops I’ve led on how to properly recruit new leaders to oversee Bible study groups. I’ve told them […]

3 Reasons Why It’s Better to Drive Home Just One Point

One of the greatest experiences I’ve had in recent years is to have been a part of the group that re-imagined the Bible Studies For Life curriculum for adults.  The idea of having just one point in each lesson (an important new feature in this line of Bible study materials) actually grew out of an […]

Will Bible Studies For Life Work for my Large Group?

So you’ve taken a look at the newly updated Bible Studies For Life curriculum for adults and you like what you see…clean layout, intuitive leader guide, an engaging Personal Study Guide for your group members, great discussion questions, and an overall resource you can use to connect the unconnected, strengthen families, and disciple people with […]

How 20 Seconds of Silence Gets People Talking

A friend, colleague, and author once told me, “The one who talks is the one who learns.”  I’ve actually seen that principle at work in Bible studies I’ve led over the years.  As I’ve matured in my leadership of Bible study groups, I’ve learned to say less and to get group members talking and discussing […]