In Action: Teaching About the Tabernacle


Most of you will have just finished the third session on the tabernacle. Since I have been at LifeWay we have had quite a few requests for a full unit on the tabernacle. We didn’t have a full unit, but we did have three full sessions. While everyone didn’t like so many sessions on the […]

Bible Studies For Life: Kids Family App

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Have you tried the Bible Studies For Life: Kids Family App? It’s a great way to start meaningful conversations with kids. The App is packed with activities that kids will enjoy playing and have conversation starter ideas for every lesson. Kids today love media and this App isn’t short on anything media related. It has […]

Using Games to Teach


By Jeff Land Team Leader, Bible Studies for Life: Kids   I love to play games. The kids in my class at church love to play games too. Recently I was visiting with a Bible study leader who scolded me a little bit for having games in the Bible Studies For Life: Kids curriculum. He […]

Preschool: Spring 2014: Special Focus: Jesus Is Alive! (April 20)

1s & 2s—Wave Green Streamers Bible Story: People Welcomed Jesus Matthew 21:1-11,14-16   Life Point: People loved Jesus and welcomed Him.   Bible Phrase: People shouted words of love to Jesus. Matthew 21:9 Christ Focus: Jesus is alive and He loves us. Bible Focus: People put palm branches on the road as Jesus went by. […]

Preschool: Spring 2014: Unit 2: Session 6: Share Hope (May 25)

1s & 2s—Walk on a Tape Line Bible Story: Peter Helped a Man Walk Acts 3:1-10,16 Life Point: People help me know about God and Jesus. Bible Phrase: God loves us. 1 John 4:10 Christ Focus: Jesus deserves praise and glory for all blessings. Bible Focus: Peter helped a man walk. Materials: Teaching Picture 12, […]

Preschool: Unit 2: Session 5: Hope Again and Again (May 18)

1s & 2s—Move to Music Bible Story: Questions for Peter John 18:15-18,25-27; 21:15-19 Life Point: Jesus loves me all the time. Bible Phrase: Jesus said, “I love you.” John 15:9 Christ Focus: Jesus loves us even when we deny or disappoint Him. Bible Focus: Jesus loved Peter and Jesus loves me. Materials: Teaching Picture 11, […]

Preschool: Unit 2: Session 4: Give Thanks for Hope (May 11)

1s & 2s—Play with a Rolling Picture Box Bible Story: David’s Thank You Psalm 138:1-8   Life Point: I can thank God for His love. Bible Phrase: God made us special Psalm 8:5 Christ Focus: Jesus taught us to thank God for all things. Bible Focus: David thanked God for His love. Materials: Teaching Picture […]

Preschool: Unit 1: Session 3: We Have Hope (May 4)

1s & 2s—Work People Puzzles Bible Story: A Surprise Welcome Home Luke 15:11-32    Life Point: God will always love me. Bible Phrase: God loves us. 1 John 4:10 Christ Focus: Jesus taught people about the Father’s unconditional love. Bible Focus: God loves people. Materials: Teaching Picture 9, puzzles featuring people. Lay the Teaching Picture […]

Preschool: Unit 2: Session 2: Jesus Gave Hope (April 27)

1s & 2s—Go on a Nature Walk Bible Story A Man Asked Jesus to Help Matthew 8:1-13  Life Point: I know Jesus cares for me. Bible Phrase: God made us special. Psalm 8:5  Christ Focus: We can believe that Jesus cares about us and wants to help us. Bible Focus: Jesus traveled to places to […]

Preschool: Spring 2014: Unit 2: Session 1: People Need Hope (April 13)

1s & 2s—Fold Washcloths Bible Story: David Showed Love 2 Samuel 9:1-13   Life Point: People love me. Bible Phrase: God made us special. Psalm 8:5  Christ Focus: Jesus does not spare His love for anyone. Bible Focus: David helped Mephibosheth.  Materials: Teaching Picture 7, small laundry basket, several clean washcloths Place the washcloths in […]