Aligning Children’s and Adults Winter 2015 (And a note about March 1, 2015!)

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Sometimes our best efforts at not being confusing get even more confusing. It’s especially not helpful when the calendar doesn’t work in our favor. You might have noticed the winter quarter only has 12 Sundays. That poses a problem for us when we are selling you 13 weeks of curriculum. In the kids area, we […]

Winter 2014-15 Bible Studies For Life: Kids Life Verse Postcards (Free Download!)

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We had such an overwhelmingly positive response to our Life Verse Postcards for Fall, that we decided to make them again for the Winter. I think that these are just great. I mentioned last time that I love to write cards to the kids in my class and I think that having great postcards is […]

Got Fan Mail?

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Fan mail for what you might be asking yourself? Well, in the past three days, I’ve had several people email me and ask me if the kids in their church could write fan letters to the characters that they see in our videos.   Truth is, the actors and actresses in our videos would LOVE […]

Kids Grades 1-6 EXTRA (Winter 2014-15)


UPDATE: We recently were made aware that a few of our preteen leader guides were printed incorrectly. Please call customer service 1-800-458-2772 to request a replacement copy. In the meantime, here are a few sessions to use until your new copy comes. We are sorry for any inconvenience. Session 1: Angels Visited Joseph and Mary Session […]

Preschool EXTRA (Winter 2014-15)

Full Color Printable Babies Take-Home Pages Special Focus  Session 1 – Prophets Told About Jesus (December 7) – Weekly Overview Video Unit 1: Celebrate Jesus (One Conversation Placemat) Session 1 – Angels Visited Joseph and Mary (December 14) – Weekly Overview Video Session 2 – Jesus Was Born (December 21) – Weekly Overview Video Session 3 – […]

Grades 1-6 Extra for Fall 2014

Unit 1: Making Connections (One Conversation Placemat) Session 1 – Miriam and Moses (September 7)  – Ministry Grid Training Video (Special Buddies – Miriam Cared) Session 2 – Moses Led the People from Egypt  (September 14) – Ministry Grid Training Video (Broadly Graded – Mini Weather Vane – Pic A, Pic B) Session 3 – The Israelites Crossed the Red Sea (September 21) – Ministry Grid Training […]

Preschool EXTRA (Fall 2014)

Unit 1: Do I Matter (One Conversation Placemat) NEW!  Full color printable Babies take-home pages. Session 1 – Miriam and Moses (September 7) – Ministry Grid Training Video (Kindergarten – Make a Verse Puzzle) (3s – PreK – Baby Moses Figure – Pic A, Pic B) Session 2 – Moses Led the People from Egypt (September 14) – Ministry Grid Training Video (1s and 2s […]

Preschool: Winter 2014-15: Unit 2: Session 6: Paul Wrote a Letter (March 1)

1s & 2s—Draw with Chunk Crayons Bible Story: Paul Wrote a Letter 2 Corinthians 1; 12 Life Point: People tell about God and Jesus. Life Verse: God made us and we are His. Psalm 100:3 Materials: long sheet of art paper, tape, chunk crayons, baskets Tape the paper to a wall at the preschoolers’ eye […]

Preschool: Winter 2014-15: Unit 2: Session 5: Cain and Abel (February 22)

1s & 2s—Wash Vegetables Bible Story: Cain and Abel Genesis 4:1-16 Life Point: Be kind to your family. Life Verse: We are helpers. 2 Corinthians 1:24 Materials: dishpan, 2 towels, nylon scrubber, carrot, potato Put 2 inches of water in the dishpan. Place the dishpan on a towel on the floor or a low table. […]

Preschool: Winter 2014-15: Unit 2: Session 4: A Couple Help Elisha (February 15)

1s & 2s—Draw on House-Shaped Paper Bible Story: A Couple Helped Elisha 2 Kings 4:8-17 Life Point: God wants people to work together. Life Verse: We are helpers. 2 Corinthians 1:24 Materials: Teaching Picture 11, 12-by-18-inch drawing paper, crayons Cut the paper into simple house shapes. Display the Teaching Picture with the art supplies. Tell […]