And It Was Good, Session 1 (God’s Work of Creation): Intro Option and Discussion for Women’s Groups


    As you begin, invite the women in your group to share favorite natural vacation spots. Ask, “What is it about that place that makes it your favorite?” Show “In the beginning, the Most High created the heaven and the earth.” If you don’t see the video below, click here to watch on YouTube.  […]

And It Was Good, Session 1 (God’s Work of Creation): Introduction Option for Men


  As an introduction to today’s lesson, challenge your men to think about our God’s power, wisdom, and love. Summarize the following paragraph. He is powerful. He is powerful enough to speak things into existence. God spoke, it exists. He is wise. He designed every detail of the earth and its’ inhabitants precisely and perfectly, […]

Small Group Monday: 5 Dangerous Myths about Church-Wide Campaigns


Don’t get us wrong: We are fans of church-wide campaigns—those regular points in the church calendar in which every age group is studying the same thing, the pastor is reinforcing the small group emphases from the pulpit, and maybe even the choir and worship teams are lined up singing songs that support the theme. Bible […]

And It Was Good, Session 1: Designed for Life


By Jennifer McCaman  God created us with a plan. It’s the time of year when everything’s in bloom. Flowers burst with color. Trees are lush and green. There’s no trace of winter. Watching the intricacy of life is a visual feast. A beautiful tree grows from a tiny seed. A stunning butterfly once crawled on the […]

And It Was Good, Session 1: Blessed to Be a Blessing


God blesses you so you can share your bounty with others. by Aaron Householder Blessings and nations and peoples, oh, my! Blessings and nations and peoples! “May God be gracious to us and bless us; look on us with favor so that Your way may be known on earth, Your salvation among all nations (Psalm […]

And It Was Good, Session 1: The Seas as Divine Imagery


By Thomas Goodman Gifted Bible Teachers will use analogies and illustrations drawn from their students’ lives. Some churches will even use a clip from a popular movie to drive home a Bible lesson, while acknowledging that the film in its entirety may not accurately portray God’s character or the biblical lifestyle. This teaching tool is actually quite ancient. The biblical writers sometimes […]

Missionary Sunday School: Your Place in the History of Sunday School


This is part 2 of a series of posts from David Francis’ Missionary Sunday School. Click here for a free download of the book. Chapter 1 of the book looks at the history of Sunday school, and how revolutionary the concept was that “common people should be able to read the Bible for themselves over against the […]

From the Editor: Joyful Faith


One of the strange paradoxes of the Christian faith is that we can know pure, authentic joy even in the midst of trials. Far from crushing our faith, we can know joy when we understand why God allows us to endure trials. Mary Jo Sharp, writing in the Summer 2014 sessions of Bible Studies for Life, said, “We […]

Resilient Faith, Session 5 (Joyful Faith): All Additional Resources


  We are pleased to offer suggested music for each session. These are links to purchase the songs on iTunes, as well as links to, which provides lead sheets, accompaniment tracks, and other resources for certain songs. Click here for Suggested music for the Resilient Faith unit Here are the magazine articles that were selected […]

Resilient Faith, Session 6: A Parent’s Dilemma


by Joyce Ash The phone rings. You listen with anguish to the pain in your daughter’s voice as she tells of a heartbreaking event in her life. It’s all you can do not to rush to her side and do something, anything to ease her pain.  As parents, the desire to rescue our offspring never […]