Like No Other, Session 4 (Teaching Like No Other): Introduction Option for Parents

  Summarize the following: Jesus lived a perfect life. Now, we cannot be perfect, but we are to imitate Jesus as well as we can gratefully realize that His grace has taken care of our sins. Jesus teaches us how to live. All we have to do is follow Him. Replace “The Bible Meets Life” […]

Like No Other, Session 4 (Teaching Like No Other): Discussion Option for Men


“Those who can, do; those who can’t, teach” is an idiom made famous by author Bernard Shaw in his work Man and Superman. The premise is that people who are able to do something well can do that thing for a living, while people who are not able to do anything that well make a […]

Like No Other, Session 4 (Teachings Like No Other): Gray Areas


In your quest for truth, let God’s love be your guide. by Mike Glenn We live in a world of infinite possibilities, even when we’re addressing important moral and ethical issues. For some questions, there just don’t seem to be right or wrong answers. Worse, in other situations, there seem to be several right answers. […]

Like No Other, Session 4 (Teachings Like No Other): Train Them Up


How to develop a plan to help your children grow spiritually By Tobin Perry I’ll never forget the first moments I had with my oldest son when he was born. You go through a multitude of thoughts in the moments after the birth of your first child. You wonder whether you’ll be able to provide […]

Like No Other, Session 2 (A Birth Like No Other): All Additional Resources


  Click Here for the Like No Other Promotional Video Click Here for an invitation to the study from Dr. Tony Evans Here are some songs we think would go along especially well with this session. Click the song title to open up iTunes. Additional resources for some songs can be found by clicking the LifeWay Worship link. […]

Like No Other, Session 2 (A Birth Like No Other): Introduction Option for Women


If there’s one thing Pinterest and Facebook are good for, it’s making you feel like you are less creative and hip then everyone else in the world. Especially when it comes to birth announcements. Ask the ladies in the class to reflect back on how (or if) they let their friends know they were expecting. […]

Like No Other, Session 3 (Power Like No Other): Fear of Financial Collapse


Loss is an inevitable part of life. By David Jeremiah Nothing that’s visible is lasting, and one of the harsh realities we face is the moment we first learn that truth. We lose a friend or we lose a job or we lose our fortune. The larger the loss, the deeper the pain. Financial collapse is a […]

Like No Other, Session 3 (Power Like No Other): A Father’s Call to Fight


  By Craig Groeschel Learning to Fight the Enemy as a Man of God Each year when summer rolls around, my wife and kids honor me on Father’s Day. For me, Father’s Day is not only a day to reflect on the greatest blessings God’s given me — my family — but also a day to […]

Like No Other, Session 3 (Power Like No Other): Additional Questions


The Point: Jesus has power over all my fears. Icebreaker What worries you for yourself? For your children or grandchildren? For your nation or world? What has become a fear recently that didn’t used to concern you? What are some of your most recent storms? Where was your focus? In what ways have some storms […]

Like No Other, Session 3 (Power Like No Other): Live It Out Option for Men


The struggle for power is really a struggle for control, and nowhere is this seen more vividly than with the TV remote. For men, control of the remote is almost seen as a right guaranteed by being born male. In fact, in a rather dated study concerning men and control of the TV remote control […]