Let Hope In, Session 3: First You Celebrate


  By Ann Brandt Someone once asked me, “What did you do when you learned your husband’s brain tumors were gone?”’  Without hesitation I answered, “We went to Hawaii.” I hastily qualified my statement, saying, “When you find out the cancer is gone and you’re going to live, you celebrate.” For my husband and me, […]

Let Hope In, Session 3: Intro Option for women’s groups


We can never fully understand God’s love for us; our frailty can’t understand or fully experience it. But He allows us the blessing of glimpsing His love in our own lives. Watch this woman’s testimony of adopting a child who rejected her at first. If you don’t see the video below, click here to watch […]

Results: What Teachers, Shepherds, and Leaders Can Expect


By David Francis and Ken Braddy This is part 9 of an ongoing series of blog posts unpacking the main points of 3 Roles for Guiding Groups by David Francis and Ken Braddy. The number at the end of each section denotes the page number in the printed book. Here’s what we’ve covered so far in the series:  In Part 1, […]

But Now… Victory: All Additional Resources


Here are the magazine articles that were selected to go along with this session: Bible Studies For Life: Adults—The War is Over Bible Studies For Life: Young Adults—A Reflection of Sacrifice Bible Studies For Life: Senior Adults and Bible Studies For Life: Adults (KJV)—An Easter Message By the way, if you are wondering what to do […]

I Don’t Have Time to Lead a Bible Study Group, Part 2


You’ve been asked to lead a Bible study group. But preparation takes so much time that you wonder if you’ll shortchange my other commitments. If you’re like most believers, this dilemma sounds very familiar. Your life is already full of good responsibilities. So here are a few more time-finders, to go along with the list we compiled […]

Let Hope In, Session 2: Introduction Option for Boomers


  To begin the session, share this story about a dog who went missing during the California wildfires in 2007 and was reunited with his family after almost 7 years. Ask, While the pet owners claimed that they never really stopped looking for Buddy, do you think they realistically believed they would ever see their […]

Let Hope In, Session 2: Current Events Connection


To help introduce the session topic, “Hope Found,” lead adults to discuss the ongoing story of Malaysian Flight 370, which (as of this writing) has still not been found. Note that, according to this article, even as recently as April 7, Malaysian officials were not ruling out the possibility of “miracle” survivors, even though the […]

Let Hope In, Session 2: Additional Questions

LHI Session 2 thumb

The Point: When we seek Christ, we find hope.  Icebreaker Where do most people in our culture look for hope? What is your hope built on? Education? Determination to succeed? Faith in God? Explain your answer. Name someone who is living a life of hope. How can you recognize that? When you need hope, what […]

Let Hope In, Session 2: Intro Option for women’s groups


What would your girlfriends say is the key to finding hope in our world? What would you say is the key to finding hope? It’s always interesting to see how the world tries to answer spiritual questions like this apart from God. Check out what happens when you enter “How to find hope” on WikiHow: http://www.wikihow.com/Find-Hope (Print […]

Let Hope In, Session 2: The War is Over


By Jennifer McCaman Christ made a way for peace. War often brings to mind images of battlefields, heavy ammunition, tanks, grenades, and soldiers outfitted in full battle array. Brave men and women go to war for our country daily in foreign lands. But far from the devastation of gunfire and bombs, another war quietly rages, […]