Let Hope In, Session 2: Current Events Connection


To help introduce the session topic, “Hope Found,” lead adults to discuss the ongoing story of Malaysian Flight 370, which (as of this writing) has still not been found. Note that, according to this article, even as recently as April 7, Malaysian officials were not ruling out the possibility of “miracle” survivors, even though the […]

Let Hope In, Session 2: Additional Questions

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The Point: When we seek Christ, we find hope.  Icebreaker Where do most people in our culture look for hope? What is your hope built on? Education? Determination to succeed? Faith in God? Explain your answer. Name someone who is living a life of hope. How can you recognize that? When you need hope, what […]

Let Hope In, Session 2: Intro Option for women’s groups


What would your girlfriends say is the key to finding hope in our world? What would you say is the key to finding hope? It’s always interesting to see how the world tries to answer spiritual questions like this apart from God. Check out what happens when you enter “How to find hope” on WikiHow: http://www.wikihow.com/Find-Hope (Print […]

Let Hope In, Session 2: The War is Over


By Jennifer McCaman Christ made a way for peace. War often brings to mind images of battlefields, heavy ammunition, tanks, grenades, and soldiers outfitted in full battle array. Brave men and women go to war for our country daily in foreign lands. But far from the devastation of gunfire and bombs, another war quietly rages, […]

Let Hope In, Session 2: Don’t Waste Your Life


By Mark Merrill  Prioritize what matters most.  Last time I checked, 10 out of 10 people die. Death is certain. But people don’t want to talk about it. Why? Let’s face it: We fear it. And besides, it’s flat-out uncomfortable and depressing to talk about our eventual demise. So what do we do instead? Author Os […]

Let Hope In, Session 2: Sweet Release


Making Joy Your New Default Setting Sometimes it’s easy to cling to pain and disappointment. What would life be like to really live without it? By Steven James Sometimes I do a good job of keeping my eyes on heaven, on the unseen, on Jesus and His kingdom and those types of things. But all too often I get […]

Let Hope In, Session 2: Intro Option for Singles Groups


To begin your discussion, of the topic “Hope Found,” ask, “If you believed someone was your only hope to solve a particular problem, how far would you go in order to find that person?” You may remind your group of Princess Leia in Star Wars (“Help me, Obi Wan Kenobi; you’re our only hope”), or ask […]

Let Hope In, Session 2: Introduction Option for Men


Prior to the session, gather several current newspapers or magazines. Ask: Where does the world try and find hope? Allow discussion. Share with men that we live in a world that seems to have a solution for every problem known to man. Those solutions range from medicine to the latest gadget on the market. Pair […]

Small Group Monday: When You Have to Cancel a Meeting


We are coming out of a crazy winter, and there’s a good chance you had to cancel at least one small group meeting this year. Or maybe your reasons for canceling a meeting aren’t weather related. A family crisis, a burst pipe, a last minute call out of town for business. No matter how much […]

Ruts: Pitfalls to Avoid for Teachers, Shepherds, and Leaders


By David Francis and Ken Braddy This is part 8 of an ongoing series of blog posts unpacking the main points of 3 Roles for Guiding Groups by David Francis and Ken Braddy. The number at the end of each section denotes the page number in the printed book. Here’s what we’ve covered so far in the series:  In Part 1, […]