Let Hope In, Session 2 (Hope Found): All Additional Resources

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Here are the magazine articles that were selected to go along with this session: Bible Studies For Life: Adults—Don’t Waste Your Life Bible Studies For Life: Adults (KJV)—The War is Over Bible Studies For Life: Young Adults—Sweet Release: Making Joy Your New Default Setting Bible Studies For Life: Senior Adults—Hopeful Anticipation Ronnie Floyd’s blog post, […]

From the Editor: Hope Found


Where do you look for hope? This week, Bible Studies For Life General Editor Ronnie Floyd reminds us that we live in a culture that inundates is with false remedies and placebos to attempt to make us feel better, or at least make us forget. Dr. Floyd rightly calls these “false, ineffective hopes.” Where is […]

Let Hope In, Session 3: Additional Questions


The Point: God welcomes us because of His deep love for us. Icebreaker What kind of relationship did you have with your dad? How has that relationship shaped how you view God? What characteristics defined your father? How did he reflect God? How did he fail to reflect God? Tell us about a time when […]

Let Hope In, Session 3: Intro Option for Singles


The title of today’s session is “Hope Personified,” and the Point is “God welcomes us because of His deep love for us.” Lead the singles in your group to watch this video testimony from hip hop artist Lecrae, and ask them to listen for how Lecrae came to a relationship with his Heavenly Father, even […]

Let Hope In, Session 3: Introduction Option for Boomers


You can make the opening question a small group activity by forming groups of 3-5 adults and instructing each group to come up with their top ten list of best TV dads. Give groups a few minutes to compile their lists and share them. After everyone has shared, you may choose to share this list […]

Let Hope In, Session 3: Live It Out Option for Parents Groups


  To end your Bible study time, read this testimony aloud to your group (or print copies for everyone. It comes from the son of a well known Bible teacher and pastor, and offers practical advice to the parents of prodigal children. As time permits, look over and discuss the 12 suggestions for dealing with […]

Let Hope In, Session 3: Conclusion Option for Men


  As you bring this session to a close, re-emphasize the point: God welcomes us because of His deep love for us. Share that our world seems to really struggle with finding and showing real love. Ask: Are there times when you don’t feel like God could love you? Why? Allow discussion. Show this video […]

Small Group Monday: Mark Howell on Small Group Mythbusters


Today on his blog, small group expert Mark Howell talks about 5 small group ministry myths that need busting. He lists all five, but really unpacks the first one: An important key to growing the number of groups in your small group ministry is for every leader to have an apprentice. So, does every small […]

Let Hope In, Session 3: A Father’s Heart


By Mark Smeby  How many men actually know how to be an amazing dad? Glenn McClure sure didn’t. But he wanted to find a way. So he set out on a journey. Glenn’s Journey  Having been adopted, Glenn McClure felt like part of his journey was finding his birth family, as well as a biological […]

Let Hope In, Session 3: Holding Out Hope


by Jennifer McCaman No one understands hope like a college student. Every time you read a chemistry book till 5 a.m., pay your tuition, or work a double shift only to be rewarded by your minimum-wage paycheck, you’re forced to remind yourself that this is not for the rest of your life. You’re hoping for something more. Your hope […]