Overcome, Session 2 (Overcome Temptation): Introduction option for Men’s Groups


As you begin your session on overcoming temptation, show this video clip from the classic It’s A Wonderful Life. On the off chance that someone in your group hasn’t seen the movie, explain that George Bailey runs the only bank in a small town that isn’t controlled by the greedy, evil Mr Potter. If you don’t see […]

Overcome, Session 3 (Overcome Being Forgotten): Discussion Option for Women’s groups


There are many reasons people feel forgotten. Consider the plight of these widows in India (If you don’t see the video below, click the link to watch on YouTube) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aMJa3w4kC7E:   How do you identify with these women? How does the idea of being forgotten make you fearful? How should we, as women, reach out to […]

Overcome, Session 3 (Overcome Being Forgotten): Live it Out Option for Boomers

Thinking back on her life

As you close the session, display these pictures or similar ones on PowerPoint or by printing them out. Display these pictures for the class to see. If we are being honest, we can all admit to having forgotten something at sometime in our lives. Maybe it was something minor like our keys, a book we […]

Overcome, Session 2 (Overcome Temptation): Introduction Option for Boomers or Parents


Show the following video of the children and marshmallows. If you don’t see the video below, click here to watch on YouTube.  These children were tempted with harmless marshmallows. Who can resist a soft, sweet marshmallow? Notice how they all started the experiment with smiles on their faces. This was going to be fun. When […]

Overcome, Session 3 (Overcome Being Forgotten): Additional Questions


The Point: Keep doing what God has gifted you to do.  Icebreaker What circumstances sometimes make you feel that you have been forgotten? What circumstances sometimes make you feel that God has little or no purpose for your life? Think about a time in your life when everything went wrong? Are we more victims of circumstance […]

Overcome, Session 2 (Overcome Temptation): Additional Questions


The Point: It’s easier to resist temptation when you know what’s at stake.  Icebreaker  Why is it common to hear the lament “Oh, if I had only known!”? What are some negative side effects of medications you take? Picture yellow caution tape. What serves as caution tape for you? What’s the first thing that comes to […]

Small Group Monday: How to Choose a Small Group System or Strategy

Green Business Strategy

Is there one “best way” to do small group ministry? Should you let every group choose its own curriculum? Should you base everything off the pastor’s sermons? Should the pastor base everything off the small group plan? These are all good questions. How do you determine what is right for your context? On the blog […]

Overcome, Session 3: Shelf Life


by Carole Rodgers ANOTHER CHRISTMAS HAD PASSED. After finally getting my decorations down and packed away, I carried the boxes to the closet and gently lifted them up and onto the shelf.  I couldn’t help but notice in the packing that a good number of the decorations were beginning to show tell-tale signs of aging. […]

Overcome, Session 3: Four Simple Words


by Jack Brewer At the foot of my bed stood a young boy. “But, what about me?” he asked.  During the Korean War, I was a gunner on a B-29 bomber. My most memorable experience occurred when two engines went out and we landed amid a brilliant ball of fire. It was an exciting day, […]

Overcome, Session 3: Hope for the Barren Heart


In the bleak mid-winter of your soul, God plants a garden of faith. by Aaron Householder Fear is natural. Faith is supernatural. When we don’t understand and can’t overcome, we react in fear. It’s a natural response of humanity. Our fear may paralyze us in depression or indecision. Or our fear may motivate us to […]