Connected, Session 3 (Connected in Growth): Additional Questions


The Point: Church members need one another in order to grow in Christ. Icebreaker:  What is your favorite team sport? If you are an athlete, do you prefer individual sports, such as running or golf, or team sports? Why? If you are on a team at work, how is the work divided? Are there any […]

From The Editor: Spectator vs. Ministry: Which Results in Growth?

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What’s the difference between a football player and a football fan? They can both be passionate. They can both wear a jersey. They can both show up at the stadium on Sundays. The difference is that one plays the game, one watches from the sidelines. Put another way, the difference is that one makes a difference. […]

Connected, Session 4 (Connected Through Words), Additional Questions


  The Point: Our Words Matter Icebreaker When you have news, is your first reaction to communicate it face-to-face, or by phone, text, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram? Why? When you want to communicate news to several people, do you communicate it face-to-face, by phone, text, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram? Why? Ephesians 4:25-28 Dishonesty creates a path […]

Spiritual Maturity: A Tale of Two Vertebrates


Recently, I was leading a large group of adults in a study of 1 Corinthians 3, in which Paul bemoans the lack of spiritual maturity in the church. So I asked the group three questions: What are the marks of spiritual maturity? How long does it take?  Do you consider yourself spiritually mature? I wrote […]

Connected, Session 3 (Connected in Growth): Intro Option for Singles or Collegiate groups


To address the idea of obstacles that keep us from equipping fellow believers or being equipped ourselves, consider the following article by Charles Stanley,  The article, “Unity in the Body of Christ” recognizes that there are some obstacles that separate us as believers in the church. What are some of the obstacles that separate […]

Connected, Session 3 (Connected in Growth): Live It Out Option for Parent’s or Men’s groups

  Close the study by showing the scene from Courageous (Sherwood Pictures, 2011) where Adam talks with the other men and presents his resolution to become a better father. If you don’t see the video below, click here to watch on   Explain to group members that the spiritual growth of our children is […]

Connected, Session 3 (Connected in Growth): Live It Out Option for Boomers groups

    Watch the NAMB Week of Prayer video, Partnering with St. Louis. If you don’t see the video below, click here to watch on You Tube:   The North American Mission Board provides support for missionaries across the United States. The work in St. Louis is one of many mission opportunities supported by NAMB. […]

Connected Session 3 (Connected in Growth): Conclusion Option for women’s groups


  One thing we can begin to do to grow together is compile scriptures that have sustained us in our times of need. As women, we all experience different challenges and difficulties, but many of them revolve around similar topics. For example, exhaustion. Few women are fully rested and continually refreshed. Check out Rachel Wojnarowski’s […]

Small Group Monday: 5 Practices of Groups Pastors Who Start Groups


If you haven’t bookmarked it, subscribed, or added it to your blogroll yet, we want to encourage you to make Group Ministry, a new blog by Rick Howerton and Bruce Raley, part of your regular reading list. The goal of the blog is to provide dialogue on best practices for small group ministry, and will […]

Connected, Session 3: Pen to Paper


by Farrell D’Lynn Boone At Cross Point Community Church in Nashville, Tenn., a team of volunteers has put new life into the dying art of letter writing. Not only have they given voice to its revival, but they’ve shaped it into a ministry that has far exceeded their expectations with its powerful results. Members of […]