7 Ways Bible Studies for Life Helps Disciple People With Wisdom

Bible Studies for Life aims to deliver on three promises: connect the unconnected, strengthen families, and disciple people with wisdom. Much has been said about the first two; not so much about the last one. So here are some ways Bible Studies for Life helps churches achieve that promise. 1. Compelling studies lead to better […]

How To Use a Campaign to Launch Strong Groups

Almost all churches have a vision to connect the unconnected. There are two basic categories of people who are unconnected. The first group is made up of those people in your community who are not active in church—yours or any other. The second groups are those folks who attend worship—at least occasionally—at your church but […]

7 Ways Bible Studies for Life Helps Strengthen Families

Can a Bible study curriculum really help strengthen families? I think it can! In fact, one of the three stated promises of Bible Studies for Life is to do just that.  Here are seven ways: 1. Common concepts. The scripture passages discussed in adult and student groups will always be the same. Twice each year (12 […]

White Smoke and 7 Applications to Group Bible Study

I experienced one of those truly unforgettable moments on Wednesday night, March 13. My wife Vickie and I were in Italy to celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary. We had arrived in Rome the night before and hurried with a small group to witness the black smoke rising from the Sistine Chapel signaling that the Catholic […]

Timeless Truth

I’ve been involved in ministry for over 30 years. Looking back, it’s amazing just how much and how fast things change. And though our capabilities and capacities continue to increase as a society, life doesn’t really seem to get easier. The more “advanced” life becomes, new pressures, new questions, and new challenges come along with […]