Small Group Monday: Conversations Between Meetings

By Rick Howerton This article originally appeared on on September 18, 2014 The amount of and the substance of conversation that takes place during the small group meeting is directly related to the amount of and the substance of conversation that takes place between meetings. I am asked all the time to teach on […]

Small Group Monday: The Illusion of Control

By Sam O’Neal There are a lot of challenging elements involved with leading a small group. For example, few leaders have much fun when it comes to choosing curriculum. It’s also tough to serve group members with strong personalities, and even finding enough group members to launch a group can be a difficult task right […]

Small Group Monday: 4 Undeniable Small Group Realities That May Change Everything

One of the most  overused phrases in everyday conversation is “Well, that goes without saying.” The fact is, very few things really do go without saying, and the moment someone uses that phrase, it means they have just said something that needed to be said; otherwise you wouldn’t have said “it goes without saying” in […]

Small Group Monday: Reflecting on the Impact of “Pressure Points”

“Historic.” That’s the word I was looking for as my wife and I reviewed the day we had just had, looking for just the right word to describe it. A cast on my leg, two car tows, a cracked engine block, and crutches converged on that sunny September day to make it such a historic […]

Small Group Insights: Closed Questions vs Open Questions

If you’ve used material from Bible Studies for Life this fall, you understand that things have changed in a major way compared to recent years. But you may not have noticed all the subtle shifts and tweaks that separate Bible Studies for Life from other curriculum options. More important, you may not understand why we […]

4 Things Group Leaders Should Desire for Their Group Members

If a brand-new Christian asked you point blank, “So, what do I do next?” what would you say to him? This was exactly the situation in which I found myself the day I met Brandon. Brandon stayed in the back of the room following the large gathering.  Someone introduced me saying, “Brandon just came to […]

Small Group Insights: What’s In a Name?

This week, Bible Studies For Life’s small group advisor Mark Howell asks, “What do you call your leaders?” Does it matter whether you refer to them as “teachers,” “leaders,” “shepherds,” “hosts,” or something else? Actually it does. Language shapes perception, and on his blog, Mark helps us navigate the nuances of what each term means. […]

Small Group Insights: 6 Ways to Help Your Senior Pastor Make the Small Group Ask

Last Tuesday, we shared a post from Bible Study For Life’s Small Group Advisor Mark Howell that talked about 5 commitments that propel a thriving small group ministry. One of those was that “The senior pastor is the primary champion/spokesperson for the small group ministry year in and year out.” But what if he isn’t? This […]

From the Editor: More Thoughts on Second Chances

This week on his blog, Bible Studies For Life General Editor Dr. Ronnie Floyd continues to reflect on how Americans think about God and second chances. While 84% believe that God gives second chances, it’s fascinating to see the kinds of conditions they perceive God places upon those second chances. Is a do-over only offered […]

From the Editor: Is God a God of Second Chances?

Almost everyone—Christian and non-Christian alike— believes that God gives second chances. According to LifeWay Research, 84% of all respondents; and 93% who identify themselves as Christians, either “strongly agree” or “somewhat agree” that this is so. And had it been one of the survey options, probably 100% of the people surveyed would have said, “Boy, […]