Like No Other, Session 7 (Ascended Like No Other): Additional Questions


Session 7 – Ascended Like No Other Icebreakers 1. When a study called, “Aging in Place in America,” asked seniors what they fear most, the top answer was losing their independence. The study showed seniors fear losing independence more than death. [] Why is it so important to people to be self-reliant? When is it […]

Like No Other, Session 6 (Resurrected Like No Other): Additional Questions


THE POINT: Jesus is alive—and we can live forever. Icebreaker 1. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, 68 percent of people fear death. [] What is it about anticipating death that makes us afraid? 2. In what ways have you witnessed people around you trying to “beat” death? 3. What was the saddest […]