Resilient Faith, Session 3: Enduring Faith


This week, you and your students will discuss 1 Peter 2 and having an enduring faith when in difficult circumstances. In verses 13 & 17, Peter tells the first-century Christians to “honor the emperor.” As you discuss these verses and content, current politics may come up in your discussion. Russell Moore is president of the […]

Resilient Faith, Session 2: Active Faith


As you talk to your students this week about what it means to live a life that is set apart for God, think about what holiness means. In the video below, Sid Koop answers the question, “What does ‘holy’ mean to us?” Watch the video and answer the following questions. Was Sid’s explanation of holiness helpful? […]

Resilient Faith, Session 1: Focused Faith


As you begin this new series Resilient Faith, we first talk about hope. In this week’s study, the author writes, “In many ways, it’s our ability to hope for something better and bigger than our current situation that enables us to act in faith…In the Book of 1 Peter, the author doesn’t just tell us […]

God Is…, Session 6: God is Faithful


In the video below, Jefferson Bethke addresses people’s response to Scripture where Jesus asks his disciples to give Him their lives. Bethke explains an interesting counterargument to these objections. As you discuss God’s faithfulness this week, help your students remember how He is faithful and what our response to His faithfulness should be—we owe Him our […]

God Is…, Session 5: God is Wise


Our students often turn to the Internet or friends to find wisdom. If we search the Internet for “wisdom,” there are a lot of people who try to weigh in on what they think is “wise advice.” This week we learn the difference between knowledge and wisdom. Wisdom, true wisdom, doesn’t come from the Internet. […]

God Is…, Session 4: God is Forgiving


Consider listening to the following excerpt from a Q&A with Tim Keller. He answers the question, “Will God forgive me of repetitive sins?” As a leader, you may get this question (or one similar to it) from your students. Listen to his answer, and then think through the following questions. Do you agree with Keller’s answer?  […]

God Is…, Session 3: God is Just


Read THIS ARTICLE by John Piper. Though this article is a few years old, it takes an interesting (and perhaps unpopular) look at God’s justice, including the Scripture we’re using in this session. Consider using this topic or article with your students. Many of your students will likely have strong opinions on the topic of Osama Bin Laden’s death, which […]

A Long-Term Approach to Discipleship


Discipleship doesn’t happen overnight. It is a process that happens over a lifetime. In student ministry, you are one part of that discipleship process. For some, it will be the beginning of that process as students place their faith in Jesus. For others, you will help them continue their discipleship journey. There will also be […]

God Is…, Session 2: God is Love


This week, we’ll be studying about God’s love. Read THIS ARTICLE from Ed Stetzer about the death of Westboro Baptist Church’s leader Fred Phelps. Though Westboro is an organization that promotes “what God hates,” Stetzer appeals to Christians to show God’s love. After you read the article, answer the following questions. 1. Do you agree with […]

God Is…, Session 1: God is Holy


Watch the following excerpt from Francis Chan’s sermon on God’s holiness. (You may want to go back and watch the entire sermon if time permits.) After watching the video, answer the following questions: What distractions in your life are you allowing to keep you from seeing God’s holiness? If you changed your perspective on holiness, how […]