Author Videos—Another Great Feature of Bible Studies For Life

smallgroupWe are hearing great things from groups who began the Pressure Points study this month. Recently, we introduced you to Chip Henderson, the author of Pressure Points. But here is something you may not know about. In the short term version of Bible Studies for Life (available in LifeWay bookstores and at, we include a DVD that includes an eight minute video from the author, which breaks down the Scripture and the main points from the session. Leaders of small groups can use these videos in the small group itself, following up the video with the discussion questions provided in the small group member book.

But maybe you are in a group that doesn’t want to use videos, or doesn’t have the tools to show a video in your setting. No problem. You as the leader will still benefit from the author’s insights as you prepare to lead your group.

We wanted you to see an example of this great resource. Below is Chip’s video for Session 2, The Pressure of Temptation. If you like what you see, then order a copy of the small group leader kitWe are so excited to be able to offer tools like this that will help prepare you to be the most effective leader you can be.


  1. Belinda Cross says:

    I get the leader kit that has a DVD, but I cannot find Chip’s 8-minute video. I am struggling to find where to find all the new resources. Can you help? Thank you!

    • James Jackson says:

      Hi Belinda! You just need to make sure that your computer is treating the DVD as a DVD, and not as a DVD-Rom. Regardless of whether you are using the small group version we mention here, or the DVD that comes with the Bible Studies For Life: Adult Leader Pack, when you insert the DVD into your computer, your computer should by default open your DVD player. From there, select “Pressure Points” from the main menu, and click on any of the six sessions. Let me know if you have any more questions.

  2. Debra Tillman says:

    I absolutely love the new format and Chip’s commentary! However, I cannot get passed one comment in the Adult Leader Guide on page 27. Chip said that asking the question, “Why did God allow this situation?” will lead us down “an old, wrong path.” If the question were, “Why did God cause this situation?”, then I would agree. But from what the Holy Spirit has taught me about God’s Sovereignty, God does indeed allow ALL situations. And that truth comforts and sustains me in view of all the evil and tragedy I see in this broken world. Although I may not understand the details of WHY He allows a particular situation, I know that in the end, it is ALWAYS for HIS GLORY. Of course, I can see where asking the question with an accusatory attitude would be wrong, but asking that question introspectively is something we should do regularly as part of seeking Him and His purpose! Am I missing something here?
    Respectively ~ Debra

  3. Drew Vanore says:

    Our church has supplied our class with the Leader’s guide and Personal Study Guides for the Adults Study on Pressure Points. I enjoyed the video Chip did on Temptation, that I found on your website. I can’t find any videos for the other weeks for this study. Do we need to purchase the DVD to get all of the videos?

    • James Jackson says:

      Hi Drew! If you are using the ongoing version of the material (which has Pressure Points and When Relationships Collide in the same volume) the videos are available on the DVD that comes in the Leader Pack for 19.95. If you use the small group version of the material, they are part of the leader kit. This is also $19.95. Hope this helps. Blessings!

  4. Sandy Duke says:

    James, is there some way to download and share the Author Videos that are on the BSFL Leader Kit DVD? I’d like to share them on facebook or via email with class members who were unable to attend that particular week. I can find a list of files but can’t tell which is the lesson I’m looking for. Thanks!

    • James Jackson says:

      Hi Sandy– If you are talking about the 8 minute teaching videos for each session, then, no, we can’t make those available to download and share, since they are a sales item. If you are talking about the promotional video from each author to set up the unit, then I can help you find a way to do that, I think.

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