As Easy as 1-2-3

“A Bible study resource with an ‘Easy’ button? Sign me up!”

By Ken Braddy

Last month I engaged with dozens of church leaders at a conference in Georgia. The topic was the new Bible Studies For Life adult resources. Several times that day I made a comment during one-on-one conversations about how the new Bible Studies For Life will help churches start new groups because of the ease-of-use factor. Pastors and staff leaders were intrigued. One gentleman in particular told me, “That’s the part of my job I can’t stand – recruiting leaders and starting new groups!” I showed him how the new curriculum design would help him recruit new leaders and start new groups, and he said, “You’ve sold me! Where do I sign up?!”  Here are the three things I shared with him that can help you use the new Bible Studies For Life to recruit new leaders and start new groups.

One: The new leader guide does not overpower and overwhelm a potential group leader.

The new Bible Studies For Life leader guide was designed to provide leaders with the right amount of questions, commentary, and in-group activities.  If you schedule an appointment and sit down to talk with a potential group leader about starting a new group and showed him the new Bible Studies For Life adult leader guide, you wouldn’t get that “deer in the headlights” look any more! It is clean, simple, and elegant to use. A potential new leader would say, “I can do this!” when he sees the leader guide.

Two: The new leader guide is designed for busy, time-compressed people.

In addition to being easy on the eye, simple, and elegant, the leader guide contains very simple (but powerful) steps for leading a group through an amazing Bible study.  The group plan tells a leader exactly what to say and do in simple, short sentences and paragraphs. No longer will a leader get lost in a sea of words and instructions! Leaders will love how easy the group plans are, and how good they make them look as the leader of the Bible study. Gone are the days of spending hours and hours of preparation. We designed the leader guide for busy people who want to lead great Bible studies, but may not have lots of time to prepare.

Three: We designed the leader guide to minimize “page flipping.”

Talk about easy to use! Picture a leader guide opened to a group plan. The group plan appears on the left side of the two-page spread, and the commentary for the verse (or verses) being studied in that section of the group study appear directly across from it on the right side of the spread! Leaders no longer have to flip pages from a group study plan to find the commentary they want to reference while leading the study…it’s all right there on one spread! No more losing your place…no more looking like you don’t know what you’re doing. We’ve designed the leader guide to make true heroes out of the group leaders!

It’s easier to start new groups when you can recruit new leaders who will use a simple-to-follow leader guide like the one we crafted for adult leaders using the new Bible Studies For Life. Is it time to take a look at the free samples and see if our new leader guide might be part of the answer for you to recruit new leaders who are busy, want to do a good job, like the idea of leading a Bible study, but don’t have tons of time or experience?


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