And It Was Good, Session 1 (God’s Work of Creation): Introduction Option for Men


As an introduction to today’s lesson, challenge your men to think about our God’s power, wisdom, and love. Summarize the following paragraph.

He is powerful. He is powerful enough to speak things into existence. God spoke, it exists. He is wise. He designed every detail of the earth and its’ inhabitants precisely and perfectly, working in perfect rhythm and harmony in relationship with one another. God is also a loving God. He sustains that which He created out of love for His special creation, mankind.

Ask the men in your group to enter a time of contemplation concerning God and His creation. Play the following video featuring Third Day and Caedmon’s Call. If you don’t see the video below, click here to watch on YouTube.

When the video is complete, take a moment to discuss the video. Point out God’s power, wisdom, and love illustrated by the lyrics and the images within the video.


  • Many people deny the existence of God and His design of our universe. How do you respond to them, knowing God’s power, wisdom, and love
  • How are you teaching about God’s involvement in creation within your home?

We want to hear from you! How are you introducing God’s work in creation with the men in your group?

These options for men’s groups for “And It Was Good” were written by Kevin Garrett. Kevin is Associate Pastor in Education and Outreach at Parker Memorial Baptist Church in Anniston, Alabama. He is co-author of “The Two-Minute Drill to Manhood: Becoming The Man God Meant You to Be” along with John Croyle and has been a regular contributor/writer for Lifeway. Twitter account:@kevinleegarrett


  1. Walter Wilkins says:

    Last session you printed a study outline for each topic. Will you be doing that in the future? It was a great help to me since I am not a Bible scholar.

  2. Peter Kramer says:

    Not sure if Walter was referening to the additional rescources section with the extra discussion questions, but it does not appear that there are these extra questions with the first study on creation. They are quite helpful – am I overlooking them?

    • James Jackson says:

      Hello Peter! I’ve been looking for the Master list of questions that we editors use when we whittle down the questions to the ones we print. And so far, I haven’t been able to find it. I will continue looking, and will ask my fellow editors, but that is why it hasn’t posted yet.

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