And It Was Good, Bonus Session 1: God’s Work of Creation

This week, you and your students will focus on God’s creation and its amazing testimony of His greatness. In Genesis, we find the detailed account of God creating the heavens and the earth. In Psalm 104, the majesty of the Creator is celebrated by the psalmist as he looks around and takes note of the beauty all around him.

Take a look at this time lapse video. Consider showing this video to your students to help them visualize the beauty and majesty of all that God has created. It will help them recognize the intricate details of His creation all around the world in a variety of landscapes. Point out that we often take the beauty of God’s creation for granted. It’s important for us to stop and take note of His greatness and power. We have so much to praise Him for!


1. When was the last time you looked around and thanked God for His beauty and majesty?

2. How do you respond to the reality that the God who created the vastness of the universe also loves you personally and invites you to a relationship with Him?

3. What can you do to remind yourself to slow down and praise God more often for all that He has done—both through creation and personally in your life?


  1. Hi there, I’m really wanting to get my church on Bible Studies for Life and I want to preach the same text for the day too to really be able to drill down. BUT for the life of me, I can’t find any kind of schedule listing the title/theme/text for each day so I could evaluate what’s coming up for say Dec 2014 – Aug 2015. Can you help me???

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