When Relationships Collide, Session 6: All Additional Resources


WRC_6_thumbHere are the magazine articles that were selected to go along with this session:



And, here are some of the Leader Extras that were developed to help you customize this session for various kinds of groups:



  1. Marion Hagler says:

    I teach senior adults. On the DVD for fall, I found files Emails_Unit1.rtf and Emails_Unit2.rtf that certainly were helpful for constructing and editing “teaser” emails that I sent to my class before each week’s session – the class members seem to like them.

    I have just received the winter DVD and find no such files. I assume that such files were not prepared for the winter sessions; however, if they are available and were simply omitted from the DVD, then where might I find them?

    • James Jackson says:

      Hello, Marion. I asked Lynn Pryor, Team Leader for Bible Studies For Life, and here was his response to your question: Unfortunately, there were no emails written to accompany the Winter studies, but they will be on the Spring DVD-ROM and other releases after that.

  2. Thank you for combining teaching aids in one location per lesson! You may not have everything in one place, but it is MUCH better than it was before!! The more you can combine everything together the better it is. It is very helpful to me anyway. Thanks for listening to our suggestions! We really like the lessons we have had since September. Keep up the good work!

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