Adding That Extra Touch

ZZ6617A214-550x271Remember that one kid in freshman English who couldn’t just stand up and deliver his oral report? He had to add something, give it that extra punch to ensure he got an A

Confession: I was that kid. In ninth grade English, two friends and I turned our assignment into a 20-minute film. And this was in 1973, long before digital home editing or video cameras. We did it with Super 8mm film stock and a reel-to-reel tape recorder. It paid off. We got the A, and I developed an interest that led to a film degree.

I’m still that kid. Even today, when I lead a group in Bible study, I want to add that extra something that will help them engage in the study. Fortunately, I don’t have to round up group members to shoot a movie or draw elaborate maps. I can simply open up the Bible Studies for Life Leader Pack.

Each age-group in Bible Studies for Life—from preschool to senior adults—provides a leader pack. The pack contains two things of significance.

First, it contains a collection of great visuals. The visuals are as widespread as:

  • Photos to invite discussion or draw attention to a particular emphasis in the Scripture or study
  • Posters than capture an overview of the whole study
  • Maps to set a Bible study in context

Leader packs for use with kids also include:

  • Teaching pictures
  • Games
  • Memory verses.

BSFLThe benefit for the leader is ease of use. The leader does not have to spend a Saturday afternoon creating visuals. (1) Open pack, (2) take out the visual, and (3) display. The leader just got her Saturday afternoon back.

The benefit for the group member is a stronger connection to the truth and point of the study. The more senses we engage, the better we learn. Beyond just talking and listening in the group, visuals engage us on a different level. Games for kids can involve movement and their hands; kinetic activity takes learning to an even deeper level.

The second thing of significance in the leader pack is a DVD-ROM. The DVD contains short video clips from the authors of the study, talking to the leaders and helping them fully understand the significance of the passage. The ROM part of the DVD-ROM includes fully-customizable electronic copies of the group plans. After I’ve studied, I am able to edit this plan down to the essentials I want to take to the group. I print out my version, slip it in my Bible next to the passage being studied, and I have one less book to take into the group setting.

The DVD-ROM includes articles to help leaders strengthen their skills and leadership. For those who prefer to use PowerPoint as they lead, images are provided than can be used as the background or incorporated into a presentation.

Your group is not a freshman English class. Nor is your goal to get an A. You have far greater goals: to connect the unconnected, strengthen families, and disciple people with wisdom. So give your preparation that extra touch. As for me, I’ve long since retired my Super8 camera, but I still keep my leader pack handy.

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