7 Ways Bible Studies for Life Helps Strengthen Families

Can a Bible study curriculum really help strengthen families? I think it can! In fact, one of the three stated promises of Bible Studies for Life is to do just that.  Here are seven ways:

1. Common concepts.

The scripture passages discussed in adult and student groups will always be the same. Twice each year (12 weeks total), kids will share the same passage or story.  The rest of the time, the Bible story kids explore in their groups will deal with the same concept as adults and students. For example, students and adults will discuss the concept of temptation from James 1 while elementary kids study the temptation of Jesus by the devil. Click here to see the entire study plan for any of the first 3 years of Bible Studies for Life.

2. The Point.

Every session in Bible Studies for Life focuses on one point. Not three points and a poem! Just one point. In the kids’ materials, it is called the “Life Point.” Having just one point simplifies retention and facilitates family discussions of the question, “What did you learn in your group/class today?”

3. One Conversation.

Family discussions are even easier with a great tool called One Conversation. It is included in full color on the back of the activity sheets kids use in the group and take home with them. Student leaders will find a version to copy in two-color for every session in their Leader Guide. A black-and-white PDF is also included on the DVD-ROM in adult Leader Packs or as a free download. Click here for a sample. To help kids and students recall what they learned, a thumbnail image of the kids teaching picture and the student ice-breaker image are included. The tool is intentionally created for the normal parent, one who may be terrified at having a spiritual conversation. Using One Conversation, they can have one spiritual conversation with their kids each week—together or individually—with joy and confidence! And it will work whether or not the parent’s group used Bible Studies for Life or some other material.


4. Live it out!

That’s the title for the application activity at the end of every session of Bible Studies for Life. Students and Kids will usually be offered a choice of two or three activities to apply scripture to life. So will adults. Families may enjoy talking about—or better yet, doing—these activities together.

5. Family app.

The innovative and engaging app from Bible Studies for Life—Kids will be a fun way for kids and parents to talk more about the Bible story. Parents, you can take a shot at “coloring” the teaching picture, too! Just wait until your child is asleep!

6. Increased attendance.

One of the best ways to strengthen a family is to be active in small group Bible study. Families using Bible Studies for Life will want to go to their class or group! One reason is because everybody enjoys their group. But beyond that, they are dealing with real life issues and learning what the Bible says about it. And then discussing what they are learning. Together.

7. Connect the unconnected and disciple people with wisdom.

These are the other two promises of Bible Studies for Life. They are more than parentheses around the promise to help churches strengthen families. They also help to strengthen families. Nothing better could happen in the life of an unconnected family than to get connected to a loving fellowship of Christians. Except maybe getting connected to a fellowship that engages every member of every family in a wise, coordinated, research-validated, life-oriented, Bible-based, Christ-centered, plan for discipleship. That is the vision behind Bible Studies for Life. If it is of God, part of the fruit will be stronger families. That is our prayer.

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