5 Ways to Prepare to Guide Bible Study

Recently a group of diverse Bible study leaders used the new Bible Studies For Life Adult Leader Guide and Personal Study Guide to prepare and lead a group Bible study.  Each leader had 10 adults in his or her group. The goal was to help participants experience one of the new Bible Studies For Life sessions. The insight gained from the group leaders’ preparation was significant: each found a different way to prepare the lesson that fit their teaching style, even though they used the same leader guide to prepare the same session.

So which way is the right way to prepare? Any way you like! Each group leader prepared and engaged their group members in Bible study. Each was effective.

Here’s a sampling of how they used the Personal Study Guide and Leader Guide to customize the group plan:

1. Condense the Group Plan to “Cliff Notes”

PryorLynn Pryor (team leader for the Bible Studies for Life production team) can remember what he’s studied if he has a few prompters. So he condensed his study into a series of bullet points and reminder sentences on a half-sheet of paper.  He used the half-sheet of notes and his Bible to lead his group’s Bible study.

Lynn’s notes



2. Personalize the Leader Guide

Apple flippedNo teacher wants to do all the talking, so David Apple (Lead Adult ministry Specialist) wrote how to actively involve group members in the Bible study next to each suggested teaching step.  He simply modified the suggested group plan:

David’s notes



3. Customize using the DVD-ROM

BraddyKen Braddy, Managing Director for Adult Ministry Publishing, used the DVD-Rom (included in every Leader Pack) to rearrange the group plan and commentary to fit his teaching style.  He printed his new group plan in a Word document:

Ken’s notes



4. Mark Your Personal Study Guide

DockreyBecause she wants to communicate that each group member is vital to the Bible study process (both by studying in the group time and afterwards), Karen Dockrey, Bible Studies for Life editor,  writes her notes in the Personal Study Guide and teaches from it, rather than leading the study from her Leader Guide (which she used to study and prepare her notes):

Karen’s notes



So, would you like to see what a typical session of Bible Studies for Life would look like? Check out this video.

5. Your Way

Not gonna lie—this one’s our favorite! Your way might be one of these, or a combination of a couple of them, or something else entirely. So let us hear from you!

What way(s) will you use the new Bible Studies For Life resources to lead your group’s Bible study?  How do you prepare to lead a Bible study? 


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