5 Reasons Kids Need Bible Skills

land-1024x1017 I love teaching kids how to use their Bibles. I remember my own experience with learning how to use my Bible. I grew up as a Bible Driller. Many of you might still have Bible Drill teams in your churches, but my guess is that most of us don’t. For some reason, learning Bible Skills has gone the way of the landline.

In Bible Studies For Life: Kids, a Bible Skills idea is offered every week. Some might use it as an early arriver activity, while others use it to replace an activity they don’t like. Wherever you use it, I believe that it is important to use it. Kids need to know that the Bible is the only written word of God. It is the guidebook for life. They also need to know that the stories that we teach come from the Bible.


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Here are my top five reasons for teaching kids Bible Skills:

  1. Bibles never need to be charged. You might think that learning proper Bible skills is an outdated idea because kids today use a device to look up Scripture. A Bible never needs to be charged and is always full of God’s power. Kids need to know how to use the Bible when their device isn’t ready.
  2. Knowing how to use the Bible, helps you know how to use the Bible. That sentence sounds repetitive, and it is, but the point isn’t. Have you ever seen an adult fumbling around through his Bible trying to find a specific verse? If kids don’t know how to use their Bibles, they will grow up to be those adults. We need to teach kids how the Bible is aligned and how it flows. Knowing how to use their Bibles to help them through life’s journey is a wonderful gift you can give your kids.
  3. Knowing Bible skills helps you to be a better disciple. Knowing that the Bible is God’s big story of how He created the world and how His Son came to love and die for the world are just two vastly important truths learned from the Bible. Kids who aren’t intimidated by the Bible are more likely to read the Bible.
  4. Using a Bible helps you be a better evangelist. When you are sharing about Jesus’ gift of salvation it is important to be able to show people exactly where those important truths are found in God’s Word. New Christians need to know where we find these words of truth. It’s great to have them memorized, but also wonderful to be able to show people that God’s Words are real and living.
  5. Know how to use a Bible shows respect for God’s Word. My grandmother was actually my Bible Drill leader and she taught me how to handle my Bible. I can’t stand to see kids use their Bibles as a stool, carelessly throw their Bibles, or fan through their pages. The Bible is a special book and teaching kids how to use it makes it seem more special to them.

Here are a few more ideas on how to teach Bible Skills in your class:

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