“How can I understand without someone explaining it to me?”: 3 Things We Can Learn from Acts 8

reading bible2Have you ever met someone who is “kind of” familiar with the Bible, but not really? They know some of the stories and a few of the characters. Maybe they’ve seen a movie or a TV show that—accurately or inaccurately— deals with Biblical events.

They have questions, and they are looking for answers.

The New Testament Book of Acts includes a story from the life of Philip that can give us guidance today as we seek to reach unbelievers with the gospel.

Philip had been ministering in Samaria when an angel appeared to him with a different assignment. He should leave Samaria, and travel south to a road connecting Jerusalem with Gaza. Luke comments that it was called “the desert road” (Acts 8:26). On this road, he came upon a political official returning home to Ethiopia.  read more


  1. Sebsebie Waktola says:

    Interested in studying the Bible session for Adults.

    • James Jackson says:

      Wonderful! Have you had a chance to preview the three free lessons? On the Bible Studies for life homepage (biblestudiesforlife.com) simply click on “Preview 3 sessions” in the upper right hand corner, and it should direct you to the download page from there. Blessings!

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