3 Reasons I Switched to Bible Studies for Life: Students

There are a lot of great small group resources out there for the church. When it comes to students, it can be very difficult to decide on what works best for your small groups. Whether your groups ministry takes place in Sunday School or groups that meet in homes throughout the week, with Bible Studies for Life: Students, one of our goals is to ensure that the material works in any group environment regardless of the context of your specific ministry.

I recently spoke with a student pastor about his decision to switch to Bible Studies for Life. Billy Young is the Minister of Students at First Baptist Church Brandon, Florida and has served there for three years. I was curious to know why he chose to make the switch for his thriving student ministry. He gave me three reasons:

1. Bible Studies for Life: Students is faithful to the Word of God.

2. Bible Studies for Life: Students unites the church and the family in Bible study.

3. Bible Studies for Life: Students helps students apply the truth from Scripture to their lives.  

It’s great to hear from student pastors who pour their lives out daily to take the gospel to the students in their area. I appreciate Billy’s ministry and am extremely excited to know that Bible Studies for Life will help him in his mission of serving students and families in Brandon, Florida. It is a privilege and blessing to help provide solutions for that ministry.

As you pray and think about what your ministry will use for small groups this Fall, I hope you will consider giving Bible Studies for Life a look. At biblestudiesforlife.com you can preview three sessions for free, check out the intro videos, and see the three-year scope and sequence of the material.

Summer is a great time to pour into the lives of students. Know that here at LifeWay, we are praying for you and your church.

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