14 Session Summer – Bonus Lessons!

land-1024x1017 How is your summer going? So far, here in Tennessee it is hot!! This summer is actually quite unusual. There are 4 Sundays in June and then 5 Sundays in July and August. That doesn’t really really happy very often and usually when it does, there is either a 12 Sunday quarter before or after the 14 Sunday quarter. But, wouldn’t you know it, Summer 2014 is different. It’s 14 sessions and both Spring and Fall are the normal 13 sessions.

In order to make sure that you have plenty of teaching material, we placed a 14th session on your enhanced CD and also online. But I wanted to give you those links here again today!



The fourteenth session is designed to go along with the Special Focus session and has a Creation theme.

Grades 1-6: Session 1: Creation

Session Plan: 3s-Kindergarten

Session Plan: 1s and 2s


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